A $350 DVD player, coming later this year from V, Inc., will be the first to use Microsoft's Windows Media Video 9 compression codec and the HighMAT format to deliver HD video on standard DVDs. The Bravo D3 Home HD DVD Media Player is designed to provide an alternative to pricey blue-laser optical devices. Unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show here, it is scheduled to ship in the second quarter. The device runs on a Sigma Designs EM8620L processor and can decode MPEG2, MPEG 4, and WMV 9 video and play it back at high-definition resolutions up to 1080i (interlaced) using a component video or DVI output. In addition, the Bravo D3 can decode WMA 9, WMA Pro, WMA lossless, Dolby Digital, MP3, MPEG1/2, and MPEG 4 AAC audio.