Noen synspunkter/erfaringer om dette produktet?
Pivos Technology - The Pioneer in Digital STB, OTT, Media Peripherals and Embedded Technologies.
Pivos Technology - Product - XIOS DS Media Play Smart TV Companion

Virker som en billig android/linuxbasert mediaspiller som støtter det meste, og best av alt et sammarbeid med xbmc. Vurdere sterkt og anskaffe meg dette.

fra XBMC

"The second new platform is XBMC for Android. The simple fact of the matter is, XBMC for Android might not exist as a working port right now if it weren’t for the decision of Pivos Technology to employ two XBMC Team members fulltime to make it happen. Of course, countless other Team Members and non-Team coders have contributed to the code base both before and after that initial decision, but it was Pivos who gave our developers the necessary man hours to make XBMC for Android a reality."