Litt humor i hverdagen.


3 Aug 2005

Svar fra en av leserne:
Thanks for your article.
I agree once again.
The name alone (LINUX) sounds kind of queer to me!
It's just some primitive European substitute for a real operation system like the mighty Windows XP.
Also I would like to mention that Apple's 'Mac Os X' is a real threat, too. This damn extrem leftwing company is giving millions to the democ-rats!!!
Also I suspect that this Mac OS is sending personal information to Apple and other communist companies and organizations!
Kindest of regards,
I say no moore...

Fant ett sitat til som tok kaka: :grin:
Linux is just a anarchist invention aiming at bringing chaos and death everywhere in the world. I am still amazed to see that no one is able to see the truth in their games.