Nederlansk produsent, aldri hørt om de før nå. Skal man tro filosofien deres, for ikke nevne prisklassen så skulle en tro at det er kvalitet av høyeste nivå.

Although it might seem that Sphinx products are examples of technical ingenuity, the mission of Sphinx is quite different: to reproduce the original sound with the utmost integrity.

To the ear 'invisible', to the music 'inaudible', to the listener still tangible, the best amplifier would be a 'virtual' amplifier. Sphinx is approaching this ideal as close as possible.

The Sphinx brand name covers a range of products divided in two uniquely positioned lines: Project and Myth Series. Each line offers a complete selection of components: power amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuners, CD players and integrated amplifiers.

In an age unfortunately marked by profit focus rather than quality consciousness, it may seem exceptional that each and every Sphinx model is designed and built in The Netherlands. Using the extensive experience of Audioscript on vital matters such as technical design, reliability, service friendliness and last but not least audio quality, Sphinx products are full speed ahead to find recognition amongst the established worldwide renowned high end audio brands.

The design brief of the Project Series is as radical as simple: obtaining the best music reproduction possible by using every technology available today. The Project Series is thus aimed at the music lover who will not accept any compromise in reproduction quality.

Notwithstanding the primary importance of the interior design, the exterior design matches the outstanding performance of the Sphinx products. The profound design research aims for a non-obtrusive but tasteful elegant appearance, setting them distinctly apart from 'the rest'.