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Data delivery: 2.4 GHz wireless digital transmission
Technology: DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
S/N Ratio: -90 dbr @ 1KHz 2Vrms
THD: -80 dbr @ 1KHz 2Vrms
Frequency Response: -1.2dbr @ 20Hz; -0.7dbr @ 20KHz (or 20Hz~20KHz(0 ~ -1.2db))
Audio input max rating: 2Vrms
Headphone output power: 60mW @ 16 ohm, 35mW @ 32 ohm
Extra feature: FM radio functionality (optional)
FM frequency range: 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz(except Japan version)
Transfer Rate: 2 Mbps
Channels: 7 selectable channels
Audio quality: Pure CD quality audio without data compression
Max operating range: 50 meters (line of sight)
Battery: Rechargeable battery plays 4 continuous hours of audio (normal usage)
Installation: Easy to install, driver installation not needed
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