LG continues to push the functionality of Blu-ray hardware. Its latest deck, the BD390, has become the first to support DivX HD. This means that users can play back their DivX HD files from discs or flash drives via the player, in addition to spinning the usual array of packaged media.

The unit, which can also stream YouTube, also offers Wi-Fi and 1GB of internal memory for Profile 2.0 support, and can access content from a PC or DNLA-compliant server over a home network.

DivX HD is a highly advanced new codec able to compress two hours of 1080p video down to 8GB. ‘LG is heralding a new direction for the Blu-ray industry with the full-feature high-end BD390 and incorporating support for DivX HD 1080p video is a key product differentiator,’ announced Simon Kang, CEO and President of LG Home Entertainment. Differentiator?

LG releases first Blu-ray to support DivX HD | Home Cinema Choice