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I am truly hoping for a new update for my purchased modell. Last firmware changed some, for the better, but still i have problems with normal dvd playback, where the player starts playing with 'jumping frames' and sound disappears. i then need to pause or rewind some, to regain normal playback. ( Dette skal sies å være størst problem ved avsp av brent bdmv på dvd )


When pausing a Blu-ray movie, the player locks down, and demands a knew loading of the film, and this is a looong and boring prosess. The time the movie can be paused is to short.

Can this be fixed through updates, or is this a matter of warranty?


We do know that newer firmware updates for 1400 and the 1500 model is
We are trying to keep up with the movie makers codec and format changes
all the time and we also try and look ahead as much as possible.
Hopefully a new firmware will be avaible already in may but from my
experience I would not say earlier then june.
Regarding the Paus function I cant say much more then this, yes it is
very short and I dont know the reason why Samsung made this function
work during such a short timeperiod. We have been trying to get answer
to this from the Samsung Nordic head office but no answer has been given
but I do hope they make it timeless or longer on the next model and that
they comeup with a upgrade to expand the timelimit from 30 seconds to
atleast afew minutes for the existing models aswell.


SamsungElectonics Nordic