Pioneer and Sharp are to create a joint venture company to produce Blu-ray and other optical disc products. According to the two companies, the plan ‘is to make more effective use of the management resources in the optical disc business field, and to capture a leadership position, particularly in Blu-ray.' The new company will engage in the development, design, manufacture, and sales of optical disk products, focusing on optical disk drives, recorders and players.’

Currently, Pioneer has its own lauded Blu-ray development team and manufacturing facility producing mid-to high-end equipment, while Sharp is a leading producer of blue laser diodes and other components, and builds entry-level BD machines.

The plan appears to be for both operations to be dismantled and reassembled in the guise of the joint venture business. The start of operations for the new group is October 1.

More details are expected on June 25, when the two companies officially sign on the dotted line.

Pioneer and Sharp to merge Blu-ray operations, new joint venture company to begin Oct 2009 | Home Cinema Choice