Detaljer om Denon DVD-A1XV er her!

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    Detaljer om Denon DVD-A1XV er her!


    Corporation 繝・ヮ繝ウ (DENON), flagship model DVD-A1XV of universal player (SP: The premium silver) we sell.

    You obtained DVD-A1XV, with development of the numerous DVD player whom DENON recently sells, collecting the know-how of high picture quality treble quality technology. And, the advanced device and interface of the new development which is superior in throughput are adopted, the audio/video technology which was developed anew is loaded.

    In the video circuit, the new development I/P converter which actualizes full 10bit processing, adopting the digital video scaler. Furthermore, 216MHz/14bit video DAC and the like adopts the up-to-date device the DENON individual high picture quality playback technology which D.D.V.C. Quality of image playback is raised e.g., (Dual Discrete Video Circuit) it loads. In addition, know-how of the audio technology which long time is cultivated in the base, furthermore advanced AL24 processing and the 192kHz/24bit advanced D/A converter etc. of new development are loaded in the audio circuit, Takasina rank audio playback ability is guaranteed. In addition, with the original drive mechanic and the vibration-proof structural chassis which support these technologies the vibration to the audio/video signal and the influence etc. with signal interference are held down. Furthermore, also interface of audio such as DENON LINK of digital video output and the established reputation such as DVI and HDMI and the digital audio output such as the IEEE1394 terminal/video is completeness.

    With the combination "of the premium series" of this flagship model DVD-A1XV and AV 繧オ繝ゥ繧ヲ繝ウ繝峨い繝ウ繝・AVC-A1XV which is sold first, the foam/home theater of the ideal which DENON proposes your propriety bodily sensation.

    < Video section >
    * Actualizing full 10bit transaction of operation. The high picture quality image playback which until now is not.

    - 繧キ繝ェ繧ウ繝ウ繧ェ繝励ユ繧」繧ッ繧ケ corporation make latest line of I/P converter adoption

    The image processing element of the video processor manufacturer Teranex corporation for the American broadcasting station image processing algorithm of the 繧キ繝ェ繧ウ繝ウ繧ェ繝励ユ繧」繧ッ繧ケ corporation and video technology of 繝・ヮ繝ウ are made to fuse to the base, and the up-to-date advanced 10bit I/P converter which was developed jointly is loaded. The processing which loads 10bit operation is proud of high conversion efficiency, improves markedly also tech Shaun's motion D in comparison inspection ability with until recently, 3:2 patterns and the like of the film source of course thing, in addition to this pattern at the pixel unit inspect regularity in high speed and precision I/P (interlace/繝励Ο繧ー繝ャ繝・す繝・ヶ) convert. Video mode, regarding the source of film mode existing together the respective mode at high speed in high accuracy inspection processing. The flicker by inspection lag is prevented, with all disks high picture quality progressive playback is made possible. In addition, when I/P converting the Video source, the jaggy which is easy to appear (the notched impression), inspecting the directivity of the line precisely at the pixel unit MDDF of new loading (Multi-Direction Diagonal Filter) with technology, in order to revise, it plays back with the smooth picture.

    - Actualizes more natural contour revision the new development D.P.I.C. which (DENON Pixel Image Correction) function

    Kousei detail actualizes picture revision the DENON original 繧ィ繝ウ繝上Φ繧オ繝シ technology "D.P.I.C. which Function ", furthermore detection revision with the 10bit transaction of operation which progresses revision technology was actualized, precision of contour revision was raised furthermore. With the enhancing processing which influence of the peripheral pixel of the pixel which becomes the target was inserted in consideration, the sample it does the image data of the total 9 pixels and developing the contour compensation circuit which adopts the new algorithm which is analyzed. Vertical direction and horizontal direction, furthermore in order the picture of slanted direction pixel (the pixel) at the unit to be fine it detects & to process, more natural contour is formed. In addition, the luminance signal and the carrier chrominance signal are processed with the same algorithm, being optimum to image, being more natural by processing effectively, it reproduces the image which does not have picture quality deterioration e.g., furthermore when enhancing the wringing noise which is easy to occur is held down.

    - Advanced DVDO video scaler loading

    The up-to-date advanced video scaler which is completed anchor bay technology (ABT) with the Takasina rank video technology of the DVDO brand which the corporation owns and the cooperation development of 繝・ヮ繝ウ is loaded. Function it does in the digital video signal of HDMI output and DVI output, the high accuracy due to 10bit operation it actualizes scaling processing. In addition, executing optimum conversion processing even the occasion where the video signal which is recorded with the color difference signal to DVD is output with RGB type according to the resolution which is output. The best high picture quality which is agreeable to the use of the user it can enjoy with image. As for the digital image signal which scaling is done it is possible to output simultaneously to HDMI and DVI, with this new development scaler (*).
    * The simultaneous output with the same resolution.

    * New development D.D.V.C. (Dual Discrete Video Circuit) adoption

    In the video circuit, raises the quality of the image signal the DENON individual high picture quality technology D.D.V.C. which (Dual Discrete Video Circuit) you have adopted. The composite, adopting the dual DAC constitution which loads the circuit and the video encoder which become independent respectively in block of S video and block of the component. By the fact that it processes respectively in the private circuit, reappearing of delicate image was made precision high possible. In addition, the image signal in order from the first to pull out the quality of the aural signal to the maximum, block of video, audio and digital each one which exist together in the universal player, circuit constitution, until the baseplate and power source actualizing the discrete constitution which it becomes independent completely. As it gathers the know-how which is cultivated with development of the former universal player, holds down the interference between each circuit and is packed, being thorough the noise which jumps in the image aural signal, it has become the constitution which removes.

    - Loading high-speed high accuracy 216MHz/14bit video DAC

    The Takasina rank video signal from the up-to-date advanced I/P converter without missing the quality, and in order to guarantee the reproducibility which is faithful to the field picture, adopting the 216MHz/14bit video DAC of high-speed high accuracy. Being progressive, 8 times, being delicate due to the over sampling processing of 16 times with interlace, it actualizes clear image restoration. Furthermore in order the composite, for S image and to load this video DAC separately with the one for component, reproducibility of the image signal of very little level is raised, the Kousei small image which is faithful to the field picture is reproduced. In addition, SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO of the video signal is improved NSV (noise 繧キ繧ァ繝シ繝励ラ video) with technology, the linearity of the image signal is raised more.

    * Loading the super sub alias filter

    The super sub alias filter is loaded in order to cut off the unnecessary zone signal component with the video signal after the D/A converting. As for the super sub alias filter, inside necessary zone in order not to give adverse effect to the image signal, flat it maintains quality, because and with unnecessary zone it has sufficient cutoff quality, it is possible to remove folding noise effectively.

    * It corresponds to the fine picture quality adjustment

    DPI collection functional other than new development, white level and chroma level, the picture quality adjustment which covers total 12 items such as noise reduction setting and gamma is possible in addition to contrast and sharp Ness. Combination of setting 5 type memories it is possible, adjusts to the taste of the user and can adjust picture quality finely to do.

    * Simultaneous output of Takasina rank digital video interface HDMI and DVI is possible

    It corresponds to both digital video interface of HDMI and DVI, at the same time simultaneous output is possible. It can transmit with the HDMI terminal digitally with color difference type or RGB type. Furthermore, because also digital transmission of multichannel audio is possible, at the time of audio outputting by way of the HDMI terminal (* 1), digital transmission of image and sound is possible with only 1 cable for the HDMI terminal. In the DVI-D terminal be able to transmit the image signal digitally with RGB type, also both interfaces correspond copyright protective technology HDCP (* 2), digital image connection to Kousei small display is possible.
    * 1 Ver1.1 correspondence. Output contents of sound of the HDMI terminal differ depending upon the monitor of use.
    * 2 HDMI and DVI output correspond to HDCP. When you connect to the display equipment of HDCP non correspondence, it cannot look at image. In order to look at image, it is necessary to connect to the display equipment which corresponds to HDCP.

    * All image signals simultaneously output enable

    * It corresponds to PAL/NTSC both system

    * It corresponds to THX Ultra of proof of high quality

    It is the harsh quality standard such as operativity of picture quality, the sound quality and the connected equipment for the DVD player who is lectured by the THX corporation, "THX Ultra" standard has been satisfied.

    < Audio section >

    * Loading DENON original treble quality technology "Advanced AL24 Processing"

    The PCM signal (CD/ digital) it improved the amount of information in the time base territory to playback system, loading "Advanced AL24 Processing" substantially with high-speed signal detection processing technology in addition to former bit extended technology "AL24 Processing Plus". On the time base the natural interpolation processing which does not have the fact that the original data is impaired with data interpolation and rise converting sampling, is done with the algorithm of the individual development which uses the transaction of operation device of the bulk such as DSP and FPGA in addition to the data expansion to 24bit, from the original information of 16bit which with former technology "AL24 Processing Plus" is done. In addition also from the digital filter expands adaptability, does optimum filtering processing in addition to the pulse response which does not have the wringing, 繝代Ν繧キ繝・vis-a-vis the musical tone data and attack sound. The spatial information such as width and height and depth of position and the concert hall of the delicate nuance and the performance person whom music has because of this is reproduced more naturally.

    * Loading the high accuracy D/A converter onto all channel

    In D/A converter high accuracy 192kHz/24bit D/A converter of up-to-date differential operation in the one for 2ch stereo 2, in the one for 5.1ch playback 3 adoption. It was superior in audio efficiencies of signal-noise ratio and the dynamic range etc., also separation improved substantially. High accuracy D/A conversion is actualized with identical quality in all channel, treble quality audio playback is actualized with clearing. Furthermore, in the one for 2ch stereo, you use this D/A converter with monaural mode, L/Rch respectively you arrange as the private differential output system D/A converter. The stereo signal regeneration whose quality is higher is actualized.

    * The pure direct mode which raises the purity of the audio signal

    ON of indication of image signal output digital audio signal output display, it is possible, to select OFF, it can hold down the influence which the circuit of image type causes to analog output to smallest.

    * The Takasina rank audio transmission with DENON LINK

    The digital audio output with DENON LINK is equipped. The jitter less Takasina rank digital audio transmission which adopts the RJ45 connector is possible.

    * IEEE1394 digital interface correspondence

    The output which conforms to IEEE1394 standard 2 systematic equipment. With DENON LINK Takasina rank digital audio transmission is possible.
    * Depending upon the type when you cannot connect, it is.

    * Multichannel audio corresponding HDMI output terminal

    The HDMI terminal which is equipped in DVD-A1XV corresponds to the multichannel audio output of DVD video and DVD audio. Adjusting to HDMI terminal loading display, 2ch/ multiple (NORMAL)/multiple (LPCM) three voice responses are possible.
    * Ver1.1 correspondence. Voice response contents of the HDMI terminal differ depending upon the monitor of use.

    * Treble quality design

    Adopting the sound quality part which begins the treble quality electrolytic condenser where high efficiency is proven with the CD player et. al. for audio block and power source block etc. for audio. In addition, in order to assure low the impedance of the gland, the copper bypass plate is used for grandpa turn in the audio circuit.

    * The bus management function which considers foam/home theater environment

    It makes bus control setting, 繧ケ繝斐・繧ォ繝シ繧ウ繝ウ繝輔ぅ繧ョツ・#133;繝ャ繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ setting and delay time setting possible, have tried to be able to correspond to a wider speaker arrangement.

    < Structure division >

    * Being thorough the mutual interference and the vibration of each circuit block, the structural design which you held down

    - Separated block construction of 4 boxes which hold down the interference between the circuit

    The inside of the frame arranges during each circuit blocking becoming independent separating each circuit the seal due to 4 box structures which are done. As separation of the video circuit and the audio circuit in order it is thorough to remove the signal deterioration with the interference between of course the thing each circuit, separates each circuit and the baseplate, becomes independent arranges, to separate it converts also the power source section which is supplied.

    - Thorough vibration-proof structure

    The data of the high density which is recorded to the disk must be grasped in high accuracy, DVD and among super audio CD, as for the vibration from outside of course, as for the influence which, also the vibration from inside such as drive mechanic and power transformer gives to the audio signal and the video signal it is not little. With DVD-A1XV the influence with these vibrations is held down and in order to be packed, the vibration-proof design which it is thorough is administered. The chassis on the basis of 4 layer hybrid structure which consists of the steel sheet of thickness 1.6mm, furthermore allots the frame which crosses the chassis to 3 places, forms the firm frame. In addition, the top board is designed to be the damping structure which is difficult to resonate by combining the various material, due to the vibration from outside.

    * DENON original high accuracy drive mechanism loading

    Adopting the DENON original drive mechanism whose reliability is high. As resonance of the mechanism with vibrating and shaking in the turning at full speed time when as for the 3 phase brush less spindle motor the shaft is designed quite shortly, in DVD and super audio CD playing back is held down, resonance inside with the mass eccentricity of the disk is held down and the servo environment which is always optimum is created. In addition, when making the laser beam the disk irradiate, the gap and pickup mechanic based mechanical flatness in the optical axis, furthermore mechanical of the brush less motor shaft and so on it tilts and, in order everything to absorb the respective dispersion, it administers also fine adjustment, guarantees precision good signal reading and play ability. In addition, with DENON individual mechanic technology favorable comment, combines the various material the hybrid structure S.V.H. which The disk drive which is stabilized (SUPPRESS VIBRATION HYBRID) with the loader is actualized, reading precision of the disk is raised more.

    < In addition >

    * Playback correspondence to various disks

    Also the playback of DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and CD-R/RW is possible. Because it corresponds to also the PC format, we correspond to also MP3, WMA and the JPEG playback which were written to CD-R/RW. * Such as the disk whose entry circumstance is bad it cannot play back, part there are times when.

    * Change of playback frequency zone of super audio CD possibility (50kHz/100kHz)

    * The bus management which becomes independent respectively in analog voice response and the HDMI aural signal is possible.

    * Back light key corresponding remote control

    * Abundant output terminal

    - Something related to video/
    HDMI terminal: 1 system, DVI-D terminal: 1 system, component output terminal: 2 systems (RCA and BNC), D2 image output terminal: 1 system, composite output terminal: 2 systems, S2 image output terminal: 2 systems

    - Something related to audio/
    Optical digital output terminal: 1 system, 繧ウ繧「繧ュ繧キ繝」繝ォ digital output terminal: 1 system, DENON LINK: 1 system, IEEE1394: 2 systems, analog voice response terminal (L/R): 1 system, 5.1ch channel voice response terminal (FL/FR/C/SL/SR/SW): 1 system

    < Video quality >

    - Composite output/output level: 1C$vp-p (75 ホゥ loads)
    - S image output/Y output level: 1C$vp-p (75 ホゥ loads), C output level: 0.286Vp-p (75 ホゥ loads)
    - Component output/Y output level: 1C$vp-p (75 ホゥ loads), Pb/Cb output level: 0.7Vp-p (75 ホゥ loads), Pr/Cr output level: 0.7Vp-p (75 ホゥ loads)
    - D output/Y output level: 1C$vp-p (75 ホゥ loads), Pb/Cb output level: 0.7Vp-p (75 ホゥ loads), Pr/Cr output level: 0.7Vp-p (75 ホゥ loads)

    < Audio quality >

    - Voice response/2Vrms
    - Frequency characteristic/DVD: 2Hz - 88kHz (192kHz Sampling), 2Hz - 44kHz (96kHz Sampling), 2Hz - 22kHz (48kHz Sampling), super audio CD: 2Hz - 100kHz and CD Video-CD: 2Hz - 20kHz
    - Signal-noise ratio/125dB
    - Total height harmonic wave distortion factor/0.0008%
    - Dynamic range/112dB

    < In addition >

    - Power source/100V 50/60Hz
    - Electric power consumption/77W (when waiting approximately 1W)
    - Maximum external size/434テ・70テ・32mm
    - Mass/19kg

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    Re: Detaljer om Denon DVD-A1XV er her!

    Sitat Opprinnelig postet av Esp1
    Product brief fra Denon USA (direkte link):

    MSRP i USA 3500,- USD. Mye for en SDTV DVD-spiller... :shock:

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