Sony and Sharp have now officially entered into a joint venture agreement to produce and sell big-screen LCD panels and modules. The newly formed Sharp Display Products Corporation, based in Sakai City, Osaka, is expected to open its doors for business in October.

On December 2, Sony will invest 10 billion yen into SDP in exchange for shares. Sony has also agreed to make further capital injections into SDP going forward. Ownership of SDP will be split 66 per cent Sharp and 34 per cent Sony. Sony's existing Korean-based joint venture with Samsung is not expected to be affected by the deal.

The Sakai City plant will be the world’s most advanced LCD panel making operation; its 10th-generation substrates are being designed for large-sized LCD panels and modules, and are expected to drive down the cost of super-largescreen LCD TVs in 2010.

Sharp and Sony join forces to make super-large LCD TVs, joint venture begins October | Home Cinema Choice