Samsung introduces first LCD with internet TV widgets, boasts billion dollar scaler

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    Samsung introduces first LCD with internet TV widgets, boasts billion dollar scaler

    Don't bother upscaling your DVDs, Samsung's 2009 range of LCD and plasma TVs will do a much better job than any player. At least that's the company's claim.

    At an exclusive tech briefing, Samsung's senior engineer Boo Taeck Lim told HCC: 'We have invested over a billion dollars in R&D to develop and produce our own scaling technology. Previously we used a chip sourced from Taiwan but now we have our own single chip scaling solution and it marks an enormous improvement in picture quality. It will appear in all mid- and up-market Samsung TVs this year. The new chip can auto-sense the original resolution of any source material, and will convert it back to whatever its original resolution was, before upscaling it to match the panel.'

    Essentially, says Samsung, there's no point in buying or using an upscaling DVD with any of the brand's new screens.

    Internet TV arrives
    Samsung says it will also be the first TV maker to offer Yahoo's internet widget service in the UK. The debut screens will launch in March in a variety of screen sizes and both LCD and plasma configurations. 'We will have a window of about six months before you see TVs using the Yahoo widget platform from other brands,' said Samsung's Darren Petersen (right).

    The first model to reach the HCC Tech Labs will be the 40in. LE40B650 (pictured below). Read the in-depth review in an upcoming issue of Home Cinema Choice.

    Curiously, the Korean giant says that this year it will separate LED backlit models out from its LCD ranges and sell them under a new 'LED TV' monicker. 'We expect all our LED screens to be displayed away from normal CCFL backlit TVs in high-streets stores, ' Petersen told us. 'We don't think consumers will be confused by the new labelling.' He denied Samsung was exploiting possible confusion with OLED TV. 'OLED is not commercially viable and I don't think people will confuse the terms. Our LED TVs offer clear benefits in power consumption, slimness and picture quality.'

    Like some of their rivals, Samsung's 2009 LED models use an edge-LED lighting technique to reduce their depth. 'However, we have developed our own reflective light guide plates,' explained Boo Taeck Lim, ' which enable us to produce edge-LED screens much larger than our competitors. ' The new screens are also much more efficient than models which have gone before. Our new 55in screen consumes only as much power as an older 32in model.' This reduction in power has been made possible because the TVs use far fewer LED bulbs for backlighting.
    By way of comparison, Samsung's first generation 55in LED LCD TV utilised an array of 1,700 bulbs. The new edge-LED model has only 370 bulbs.

    Samsung introduces first LCD with internet TV widgets, boasts billion dollar scaler | Home Cinema Choice

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    ...og det skal liksom være en god nyhet at de setter LEDene på "edgen" og reduserer antallet med over 1000 dioder?? Dette lukter det kostnadsbesparelse av, og ikke minst har de sikkert måttet gjøre dette for å redusere tykkelsen på dagens LED-TVer...

    Videoprosesseringen er jo for øvrig velkommen da, får håpe de i samme slengen inkluderer enda bedre kalibreringsverktøy som f.eks. full CMS (Color Management System), som da lar en justere og kalibrere TVen fullt ut!

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