Sharp challenges Pioneer to black level battle, new sets 'better than Kuros'

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    Sharp challenges Pioneer to black level battle, new sets 'better than Kuros'

    CEATEC 08: Sharp challenges Pioneer to black level battle, new sets 'better than Kuros' | Home Cinema Choice

    The battle is on to see who can bring the deepest blacks to LCD TVs. Both Sony and Sharp sought to make LCD backlighting one of the unlikely talking points of this year's CEATEC show here in Japan.

    So-called 'local dimming' of LCD TV backlights has been under development for years, in an attempt to bring true black to LCD screens.

    At the expo, Sony unveiled its XR1 series Bravia screens with RGB LED backlighting to give an unprecedented 1,000,000:1contrast ratio. The use of controllable LED lights instead of traditional CCFL lights resulted in a dramatic improvement in black levels.

    However the Sony system only dims in black and white. Rival Sharp, eager to reclaim the high-end in LCD TV, countered that its new X series screens are the first to offer full-colour RGB LED dimming.

    'The difference is that our image can be fine tuned above and beyond our rivals,' said Shigeaki Mizushima, the executive managing officer for Sharp's corporate research and development group.

    In a dramatic demonstration, the brand's new 52 and 65-inch sets not only offered perfect black ('blacker than Pioneer's Kuro screens,' urged Mizushima-san) but astonishing colour fidelity, with a super-wide colour gamut delivering bright, bold reds (which can look orangey on CCFL-backlight LCDs).

    The new Sharp MegaASV LCD screens will ship world wide this October, but with production limited to just 1,000/1,500 units a month depending on screen size, don't expect to see them on every street corner anytime soon

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    Sharp sine high-end modeller er kjent for å være ekstremt dyr, prisen på 52" HD1 er godt over det Pioneer forlanger for sin 5090, og HD1 kan knapt kalles High-end lenger.

    Med en produksjon på 1500 tver i måneden, vil nok 65" plasere seg en plass mellom Audi TT og Porsche Boxter i pris!

    Neppe noe for mannnen i gata vil jeg tro

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