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High Definition TV news Posted Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
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More details on Panasonic freesat TVs - the first in the UK with HD tuners built in

As we mentioned in our news story about freesat on May 5th, Panasonic is launching a range of TVs with integrated freesat tuners. And today, following the official press launch of the freesat service, we can bring you a bit more detail on these ground-breaking sets (the first in the UK with HD broadcast reception built in).
There are going to be three models: a 42in model, a 46in model and a 50in model. These are all built around Panasonic’s ‘PZ80’ plasma TV range, which means they’ve all got full HD (1920x1080) resolutions.

Key features of the sets aside from their freesat HD reception include:
* a full electronic programme guide system for the freesat service based on the impressive one Panasonic uses for its Freeview EPG
* a digital audio output to send to an AV receiver freesat’s Dolby Digital 5.1 audio
* an Ethernet port for adding additional functionality as it comes on line, or future two-way interactive services.
* an SD card slot on the front able to play AVC-HD video files;
* Panasonic’s top-line Intelligent Frame Creation picture processing system.

When it comes to prices, these freesat TVs should cost around £200 more than their PZ80 model equivalents. And if you’re wondering when other TV brands might be jumping on the freesat bandwagon, don’t hold your breath; Panasonic has an exclusive freesat TV window until October.