Prisene på LCD-TV

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    Prisene på LCD-TV

    Hva tror dere en 32" LCD-TV ligger på om ett år? 2000-3000 kr?

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    Ja, og du må kjøpe den på Rema....:?

    Men seriøst, her er siste prisrapport jeg fikk tilsendt på Onsdag:

    1. Analysis on Falling Trends in Flat TV Prices

    The decline in flat television prices has not halted over the past two to three years. This trend has been accompanied by a rise in demand, but is not very desirable from the aspect of the overall display industry.

    There is no doubt that the most crucial components leading the trend for flat TV pricing are LCD and PDP panels. The steady downward trend in panel prices has driven down consumer prices for flat TVs. Panel manufacturers¡¯ competitive expansions of new fabrication lines have become more intense reaching the levels in that the supply exceeds demand, resulting in the steady fall in prices.

    The latest Flat TV Consumer Pricing Trend Analysis report distributed by --- says that the decrease in LCD TV prices was 8.1% on average in the first quarter of this year, while that in PDP TV prices registered 10.2%, indicating a still dramatic downward curve in prices.

    Looking at the first-quarter flat TV pricing trends, the 37-inch PDP TV recorded the most dramatic drop in prices (15.2%), and this is attributable to the accelerating competition with LCD TVs in the size category of 37-inch.

    Quarterly Consumer Pricing Trends for FPD TVs (1Q, 2007)

    Quarterly Consumer Pricing Trends for FPD TVs (Worldwide Average)

    (Unit: US$)

    1Q'06 2Q'06 3Q'06 4Q'06 1Q'07 QoQ(%) YoY(%)
    LCD TV 32WXGA 1,518 1,351 1,228 1,087 1,025 -5.7% -32.5%
    37WXGA 1,998 1,827 1,677 1,398 1,297 -7.2% -35.1%
    40WXGA 2,550 2,254 2,031 1,792 1,621 -9.5% -36.4%
    42WXGA 2,751 2,389 2,148 1,920 1,729 -9.9% -37.1%
    PDP TV 37HD 1,985 1,839 1,617 1,239 1,051 -15.2% -47.0%
    42HD 2,300 1,998 1,800 1,655 1,496 -9.6% -35.0%
    50HD 3,224 2,966 2,812 2,411 2,268 -5.9% -29.6%

    2. Pricing Forecasts by Size (as of December 2007):

    As shown in the graph below, 32-inch CRT TV and LCD TV are priced at $17 and $25 per inch, respectively, leading to a differential of 29%. On the other hand, the price gap between 37-inch and 32-inch LCD TVs is negligible. 40-inch and 42-inch LCD TV prices are at the same level per inch, while 42-inch PDP TV prices are approximately 10% higher than those for 40-inch LCD TVs. Therefore, the price gap between LCD and PDP TVs in the 40-inch range is predicted to be maintained at the 10% level for the time being. Prices for 50-inch PDP TVs were high at $45 per inch as of March 2007, but are projected to plunge to $32 by the end of this year, December. This is because PDP panel vendors are forecast to switch their mainstream size sector from 42-inch to 50-inch and larger in a strategic way.

    In conclusion, prices for 37-inch and larger flat TVs are likely to be between $27 and $32 at the end of 2007. Therefore, consumer prices for flat TVs are projected to enter a stabilization phase in 2008 and beyond, and eventually hit the levels between $20 and $25, which are one fourth or fifth compared to $100 per inch three to four years ago. As a result, the widespread adoption of flat TVs is to be fueled, giving them the leadership in the new generation.

    FPD TV Consumer Pricing Forecasts per inch (Mar. 2007 / Dec. 2007)
    29" Slim CRT 32" Slim CRT 32"LCD 37"LCD 40"LCD 42"LCD 42"PDP 50"PDP
    Consumer Prices (March) 398 656 1,025 1,297 1,621 1,729 1,496 2,268
    Prices per inch (March) 15 22 32 35 41 41 36 45
    Prices per inch (December) 12 17 25 27 30 30 27 32
    Growth (%) -19% -22% -22% -23% -26% -27% -24% -29%

    Virker som om det nærmer seg bunnen for 32", men at de større størrelsene vil falle ennå en stund. Tror bransjen vil roe seg endel neste år også i Norge, med stabilisering av priser og lavere salg. Men er kanskje ikke umulig at man kan få en laber Taiwansk skjerm 32" til 3000 om et års tid.

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