22,2" LCD TV med 3840x2400 oppløsning

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    22,2" LCD TV med 3840x2400 oppløsning

    Hmm, denne ser grei ut, med plass til 2 HVTV bilder samtidig på skjermen i full oppløsning:


    og her:



    Full 22.2" viewable screen

    3840x2400 optimum resolution

    9.2 mega pixel (27.6 million RGB dots)
    Ultra-high 204 pixel per inch (PPI) produces stunning picture clarity and photo-like images.

    Widescreen 16:10 aspect ratio
    Widescreen format allows desktop publishing professionals to display two full pages of text and graphics simultaneously.

    5X pixel density LCD display
    ViewSonic’s revolutionized 5X pixel density LCD display utilizes advanced high-resolution liquid crystal panel technology to boost pixel density up to five times higher than a normal LCD display for superior picture clarity and perfect focus.

    Pure digital interface
    Digital interface ensures original data integrity for sparkling, crystal-clear images.

    Supports dual high resolution:
    This unique feature allows users to toggle between 3840x2400 (QUXGA-W) and 1920x1200 (UXGA-W) resolutions.

    235 nits of ultra-high brightness (typ)

    400:1 high contrast ratio (typ)

    XtremeView™ performance
    Up to 170º viewing angles horizontally and 170º vertically, providing image clarity from all directions.

    Liquid View® Software included free
    Enlarge desktop icons, fonts and toolbars—even MS application toolbars—up to 200% for easy legibility.

    OnView® controls
    Screen adjustments are made via an on-screen menu using simple controls. This user-friendly control system easily adjusts image quality, size, position and geometry for optimal viewing.

    ViewSonic Wizard
    This software provides user-friendly installation.

    VESA® wall-mount compliant
    Mounts on most walls with ViewSonic's optional wall mount kit (WM-U1).

    Kensington® security port
    Protect your assets by adding an anti-theft cable (optional) to this attachment point.

    PC and Mac® compatible

    Lekkert. gi meg en 42" utgave

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    Og her er skjermkortet du kan bruke:


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