6. generasjons Pioneer plasma lanseres i september

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    Pressemelding: 6. generasjons Pioneer plasma

    Informasjon på engelsk:

    A new range of ‘HD ready’ plasma TVs will be available in September. The new 43-inch and 50-inch displays, whose contemporary design is complemented by new innovations in TV technology, deliver the purest viewing experience.

    Major advances in the new TVs include a unique PUREBLACK panel, and Pioneer’s PURE Drive 2 HD technology.
    The PUREBLACK panel creates the perfect canvas for the richest blacks and an entire colour palette from shiny whites to vivid evergreens and true marine blues. With the new Crystal Emissive Layer, which supports the widest range of black tones and superior contrast, the TVs reach new levels of realism.

    Image quality and performance is enhanced further by PURE Drive 2 HD. This combines the very latest breakthroughs in video processing, fully digital operation and noise reduction technology. The screens also include a Direct Colour Filter that virtually eradicates light reflections both, from the outside of the panel as from the panel itself. Contrast levels are dramatically improved. The result? A totally natural, clean and razor-sharp viewing experience.

    ‘HD ready’ & HDMI
    The new TVs accept industry standard ‘High Definition’ video broadcasts (1080i and 720p) – perfect for watching the latest high definition movies. They also provide HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). This enables users to connect uncompressed digital video and audio signals over a single cable. Result: perfect full-digital video and sound without deterioration.

    Audio performance
    Pioneer’s audio heritage ensures exceptional high fidelity. The speakers, developed in accordance with the design concepts of Pioneer hi-fi audio components, are an integral element of the pure entertainment experience.

    Optional side-mounted speakers are available for both 43 and 50-inch models. The 43-inch model also gives you the option of ‘under-mounted’ speakers. With the XDE models, digital sound from digital broadcasts can be transferred to external AV components
    via the optical digital audio (Dolby Digital
    compliant) output.

    Model options
    The ‘PURE Vision Black’ displays maintain Pioneer’s aesthetic design: the futuristic black glass frame is an eye-catching and graceful focal point for your stylish interior.

    The four new models are all with a new receiver. The PDP-506FDE and PDP-436FDE displays include an analogue tuner and all the key panel technologies that deliver the pure viewing experience complemented by HDMI connectivity. These displays come with a classically styles remote control with standard functions.

    The PDP-506XDE and PDP-436XDE models include a DVB-T compliant analogue/digital terrestrial TV tuner for Free-to-Air digital terrestrial broadcast reception, along with two HDMI inputs, a PC input and subwoofer output. The XDE range additionally includes a card slot to display your own digital photography or an image of a master’s painting. They further offer a stylish remote control that provides a series of pre-sets to
    manage controls for VCRs, DVDs and set-top boxes.

    Installation options include standard and angled wall-mounted brackets, two floor stands and a swivel table-top stand and fixed table-top stand.

    ‘Plasma is the future of TV and these new ‘HD ready’ TVs are at the cusp of innovation. With the new panel, proprietary innovations, superior levels of brightness and seamless connectivity to our other digital products the TVs deliver the purest viewing experience ,’ concludes Marnix Somers, Director, Consumer Plasma Division, Pioneer Europe.

    The products will be available in September 2005. For further information on costs and availability please contact your Pioneer shop or your local Pioneer office.

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    jeg skal på pioneer messe i morgen og se på desse lekkerbiskene.om noen ønsker, kan jeg gi en tilbakemelding om hvordan bildet er i forhold til de gamle pioneer-skjermene!

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