I have 6600GT. Using ForceWare 71.89 driver. DVI out is used to connect LCD screen (1280X 1024), S-Video Out to connect TV (PAL) that is situated in a different room. Looking for user friendly ForceWare driver configuration and also for the possibility to get better quality video signal.

1. User friendly ForceWare driver configuration for video watchin on TV.

The idea is that LCD screen that is connected on DVI is used for gaming, net surfing and other regular PC use. To watch viedo or pictures I have 32" CRT PAL TV located in another room connected via S-Video cable. Connection works fine, but I can not find a user friendly configuration of the driver. Hope you guys can share experience in this area. This is what I have tried. Used Clone setup for PC and TV. Video is visible only on primary screen. TV screen looks zoomed in, can not see full Desktop on it. Once video is played, sides and top/bottom are cut. Tried to change resolution to 800 X 600. Clone setup uses the same resolution on both TV and PC. TV Video looks better, but still cuts some picture. However PC use is worse with this resolution, since it is not native 19" resolution. So I used to change resolution and primary screen everytime I want to watch video on TV. That is far from user friendly. I tried then dual view. This was better in a way that I could set up different resolutions on PC and TV. So I open video playback program (Lets say media player) select video screen and send that windon to next screen (TV in this case). It disappears from PC and appears on TV. Next thing I would like to maximize it for viewing, but I can not controll it. Probably I can move my mouse over to TV screen, but it is in a different room, so I can't see what I am controlling.... And worse, I don't know how can I send that window with video playback back to my LCD screen, the one I control with mouse and keyboard. Again, not user friendly solution. Well at least if I could maximize video playback window and toggle between single vew option and dual view option, maybe that would be a solution. Quickly checked possible Hot Key selections. There is one to change to single view option, but no dual view... Only clone.... No solution then. Last I tried to use Full Screen Video settings. Used "Auto-Select" and "Video Mirror" under video control. This created full video playback on TV screen and also showed video on PC screen. This immediatelly gave me idea that while producing two video outputs card is probably not used best for quality. The size on TV screen was not correct, some picture was cut. I went to TV size adjustment option to reduce the size and achieved desired size for .... that movie. Ònce I selected another movie, it had different resolution and again some picture was cut. Also with this set up I got an idea how to see video, it was not usefull to see pictures on TV screen... Again I would need to turn clone on or dual view for picture viewing.

So here it comes. What is the best driver setup to be able to quickly turn on/off video playback on TV, also be able to see pictures (JPG) on TV screen, not to loose video on the edges, without adjusting TV output size for every film you watch. At the end of the day it is clear how many columns and lines PAL has, so why does GPU send bigger picture that TV screen can reproduce...?

2. Quality

Have read many post on VGA to RGB connections on .... ATI And MatroX video cards. They say the quality is improved dramatically on regular TV. However that solution did not apply to Nvidia cards. That kind of hurt my feelings as Nvidia owner. I would like to get best possible quality for video playback on TV. I heard some DIY solutions for VGA to RGB on nvidia side as well, but could not find a clear instructions or test or hopefully some ready to by cable on the net. Did you?