Loewe is launching a new version of its Connect series. The new 40, 48 and 55-inch models have been updated with Ultra HD resolution and will be available starting next month.

Ultra HD comes to Connect

The Connect is Loewe’s mid-range model and since its inception it has been all about “connecting”, meaning that it incorporates streaming features as well as a built-in hard drive for recording TV programs. The TV also allow you to stream content to other TVs in the house or to a mobile device.

However, the biggest update to Connect is Ultra HD resolution. Loewe adds that the TVs are also fully compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, and have a HEVC decoder for 4K streaming and more. HEVC is used for Netflix 4K streaming, but Loewe has yet to confirm if the Connect TVs will support 4K Netflix.

Loewe Connect TVs come with a built-in speaker system and an integrated 5.1 decoder that allows you to connect additional speakers and use the TV speakers as a center unit.

The new Connect Ultra HD TVs will be available in 40 and 55 inch sizes from December, and in a 48 inch variant from 2015. Three color options are available; black, silver and cappuccino. Suggested retail prices are 1,199, 2,399, 2,799 UK pounds, respectively.