Korean TV makers, Samsung and LG, are reportedly developing quantum dot technology for high-end TVs. The TVs could be released as soon as 2015, according to a report in Korean newspaper Digital Times.

Quantum dot TVs

Sony launched LCD TVs with quantum dot technology last year under the Triluminos brand. TCL also demonstrated LCD TVs with quantum dot technology at IFA 2014.

It is unclear how exactly Samsung and LG intend to use the technology, but it is often used to improve LCD panels. One of the advantages of quantum dot is the ability to reproduce a wider color space than typical TVs. The Ultra HD standard includes a much wider color space called Rec.2020, but no TVs are capable of reproducing it today.

The report says that Samsung and LG’s quantum dot TVs could be launched as early as 2015.

LG is currently focused on OLED and Ultra HD technology for its high-end TVs. Samsung has put its OLED TV sales on hold for now, but is ramping up its Ultra HD efforts aggressively.