Kommer dette til HiFiKlubben som NAD tro...?-

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    Kommer dette til HiFiKlubben som NAD tro...?-

    YouTube - MultyVision ISIO
    The new-generation TV sets for TV and Internet by TechniSat

    TechniSat uses his new "MultyVision ISIO" series of its successful Digital TV concept with integrated dual HDTV multi-tuner for all transmission continued with and also enables the new IP function to access IP-based interactive services, such as media centers. With the new "MultyVision ISIO" TechniSat added to its portfolio of high-quality full-HD digital televisions to high-end multimedia device with a new unique design.

    Integrated dual-HDTV Tuner Multi

    The new Full-HD Digital TV "MultyVision ISIO" is standard with an integrated dual HDTV multi-tuner equipped and enables the reception of digital TV and radio programs via digital satellite, DVB-T and digital cable without an additional receiver. With two CI + interfaces and a smart card reader programs is the "MultyVision ISIO" for reception of Pay-TV is also suitable.

    Television discover new: fusion of TV and Internet

    In addition to the standard integrated dual HDTV multi-tuner ISIO is the new "MultyVision still an additional transmission path extends": Equipped with extensive IP capabilities, access to interactive services, multimedia libraries, free Internet browsing and retrieval of video-on Demand offerings possible. It also provides the "MultyVision ISIO" about his ISIO Live portal, the number of possible service services such as software updates and new listings but also additional applications such as widgets retrieve and use.

    All around perfect design

    The digital TV of the "MultyVision ISIO" series is a real design highlight. Through the use of modern technology, Edge LED The device has an extremely flat panel and also ensure brilliant and razor sharp images.

    Digital Video Recorder function (DVR)

    The new generation of TV sets has a digital video recorder, the recording of digital TV and radio programs allows it. Thanks to the TWIN series integrated functionality it is even possible to record a program and another parallel to this view.

    Versatile connectivity

    The new "MultyVision ISIO" is a variety of connectivity options provided with the device into a true multimedia center make. In addition to three HDMI in ports and an HDMI out port device has the TV also has two USB 2.0 ports. The integrated Ethernet interface and the new Universal Plug and Play feature – UPnP – (including DLNA functionality) Digital TV makes you the trouble a home network integration in at various multimedia devices such as PCs, TVs, audio sound system, digital cameras much more connected with each other.

    Extensive value-added services for extra convenience

    In the "MultyVision ISIO" series builds on the proven TechniSat added value services, a simple and convenient operation of the devices allow. Thus, for example with the free electronic program information (EPID) "SiehFern INFO Plus" for detailed program information for days in advance by pressing a button will be available until seven. The program list ISIPRO Manager allows automatic update for program and Internet lists and inform about program requests
    IFA News 2010: "MultyVision ISIO" | Sky Plus HD - Offers, Packages, Deals

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    Så fet ut den der .

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