A survey by market researcher iSuppli claims that IETVs – TV sets with built-in Internet capability – are outselling 3DTVs by a ratio of six to one.

This doesn't come as much of a surprise, as most mid- to high-end TVs now have some IETV functions, and practically all 3DTVs do anyway. But the survey emphasises that IETV is the growth market, with 27.7 million units shipping worldwide in 2010, in contrast to only 4.2 million 3D sets.

The survey states 'Shipments of IETVs in 2010 will rise by a remarkable 124.9 per cent from 12.3 million units last year. Significant growth will continue during the following years. All told, IETV shipments will expand at rates north of 50 per cent for the next two years, and then continue to increase at solid double-digit rates until the end of 2014. By then, global IETV shipments are anticipated to reach 148.3 million units, accounting for 54 percent of the total flatpanel TV market.'

An iSuppli spokesperson added: 'TV brands and manufacturers are working aggressively to create partnerships with the content providers in order to keep consumers interested and happy with continually updated material. Because innovation is a must in order to drive consumer adoption and replacement, the TV industry has embarked on a path of enhancing the consumer experience through interaction with their TV sets.”

In contrast, the shortage of suitable software seems likely to be holding back the progress of 3DTV worldwide.

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