I am looking into buying new tv for my bedroom in a couple of months. This is exciting, of course, but also "difficult" with this broad choice of TV's we have to choose from... Since I also building the house at the same time, I was thinking to ask for help to choose maybe few models that I can concentrate my reading on.

I have made my mind on some specs for my TV:
1. Thin LCD (probably LED)
2. 40''
3. Mainly for sat TV watching (80% of which is still SD)

I am looking for thin tv, since I plan to make a square niche in my wall (not sure if niche is the right word, it is basically making a hole in the wall but only 7-10 cm deep, not all the way through). The idea is to hang TV in a way, that front of TV would be aligned with the wall. This is because I have space issue and also because I think this way it will look cool . I will probably face some TV fixing in place problems, but hope those will be possible to solve. My wall is 25 cm block, so it should be safe to make a max 15 cm deep hole in it. I know LED TV's are thin and therefore my choice. Traditional LCD's with space needed to hang it might be too thick, although I am not sure how slim hanging mechanism can be (considering there will be not much space around TV in the niche.

40'' is because there will be around 2,5 meters from eyes to TV. Bigger screen would increase the chance to see SD artifacts... those are the only one picture quality defect I am "allergic" to… On the other hand I am on 32’’ CRT TV right now, so I might not know what I am talking about…

My TV is going to be use mainly for TV watching (no gaming). I am in Europe and here most of sat channels are still in SD. There are HD channels, but probably less than 10…

I am open to extra features, like LAN connection, that I could use to stream video from PC or see family photo’s, or maybe just stream some music. Not convinced about 3D freature, and do not need PVR, picture in picture and similar stuff.

My biggest concern is the sound. LED TV’s are known for sound problems and I need to consider immediately supplementary sound solution. I am not looking for making this TV as main film watching device (have projector and proper audio in a different room), but the quality of sound seems to be very poor. My first thought was to buy some simple (possibly second hand) 2.1 amplifier, so that I could hook up 2 nice looking speakers, and put some sub in a corner. However, handling 3 remotes (TV, Sat, Amp) in the bedroom puts me off… Current Sat remote allows to switch TV on and off (this is what I usually use on current TV, just on and off), but it is not able to control amplifier. Maybe it does not use much electricity, when not used, so I can leave it on all the time??? The best would be to have some solution where amp would be enabled once TV is switched on.

Advice on TV models to look at and how to solve audio issue would be appreciated.

I start looking around Samsung models. Particularly UN40C6500; UN40C7000; UN40C8000 models.