Noen som kan hjelpe til med Silent hill 2?

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    Noen som kan hjelpe til med Silent hill 2?

    Har stått fast i noen dager. Har søkt om hjelp og info på nettet uten hell.
    Problemet er at jeg står fast på spillet Silent Hill 2, Playstation 2. Det jeg søker å løse er en kode som blir funnet i et isolasjonsrom på hospitalet, dette er koden som man må ha for å åpne en boks som er i tredje etasje. Koden er skrevet på veggen i rødt. Synes det ser ut som tallene er 2869, men kommer ingen vei med det tallet.
    Noen som vet?

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    Jeg husker også at jeg satte fast der, men at jeg fant svaret i en walkthrough på Du kan jo sjekke der.

    Genialt spill, by the way. Husk å sjekk bildene på veggen i det huset du kommer til etter du har sprunget ned mot den ødelagde broen.

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    Jeg husker også at jeg satte fast der, men at jeg fant svaret i en walkthrough på Du kan jo sjekke der.

    Genialt spill, by the way. Husk å sjekk bildene på veggen i det huset du kommer til etter du har sprunget ned mot den ødelagde broen.
    Takk for hjelp. Dessverre ser det ut som de har lagt ned alt som heter walktrough. Jeg får lete videre. Er enig, spillet er knall. Har kobblet det opp på hjemmekinoen. Lyden er så skremmende at jeg nesten får spader.

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    Silent Hill 2
    by Conquerer13

    ================================================== ========================
    _____ _ _ _____ _ _ _____ _ _ _ _ _
    | ___| | | | | | ___| | \ | | |_ _| | | | | | | | | | |
    | |___ | | | | | |___ | \ | | | | | |__| | | | | | | |
    |___ | | | | | | ___| | \| | | | | __ | | | | | | |
    ___| | | | | |___ | |___ | |\ | | | | | | | | | | |___ | |___
    |_____| |_| |_____| |_____| |_| \__| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_____| |_____|
    / __ \
    |_| | |
    / /
    / /
    / /__

    ================================================== ========================

    Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough FAQ
    ? Copyright 2002-2003 Conquerer
    Game Title: Silent Hill 2
    Publisher: Konami
    Developer: Konami TYO
    Platform: PlayStation 2 Entertainment System
    Genre: Action/Adventure/Puzzle/Horror
    Origin: Japan
    Number of Players: 1
    Released Date: 09/25/01
    ESRB Rating: M for Mature


    ICQ: 103466009

    FAQ Disclaimer
    This FAQ is Copyright by Conquerer 2002-2003. I do not give permission
    to anyone to put this FAQ up anywhere without my permission unless I send
    it in to you or certain sites. Anyone may use this FAQ for the game but I
    will not allow other people taking credit for my work. Thank you.

    Sites where my FAQ is posted with my permission:

    SPOILERS Disclaimer
    Since this is a FAQ obviously it will have many major spoilers in it so
    please don't complain about the game being spoiled for you because you
    should already know it has spoilers in it and it is not my fault if you
    don't read this because it is near the top. So I am not responsible for
    any spoilers in this FAQ. Thank you.

    Questions and/or Comments
    Feel free to e-mail me about any questions or comments about my
    walkthrough. E-mail me at Also, if you want to
    get a certain ending, e-mail me, telling me which ending you want to get,
    and I will tell you the most important requirement/requirements. Or, just
    look at the Endings part of this FAQ. If I am on MSN, then ask or tell me
    anything about this game or this walkthrough if you wish. But please, be
    abosolutely sure that the message subject has SH2 or Silent Hill 2 in it.
    If it says something like: Coin Puzzle I will still read it, but please,
    put SH2 or Silent Hill 2 in it because I am having a lot of spam it it is
    a big problem. If I block all of it I will only receive messages from a
    Safe List, but I wouldn't know your e-mail so I couldn't put it in there.

    If you beat the game in under 2 hours, e-mail me, telling me your time
    and user name or e-mail address and I will make a topic on the Silent
    Hill 2 Message Board on GameFAQs, and I will post your user name on
    GameFAQs, and your time. If you don't have an account on GameFAQs, then I
    will post your e-mail address, or tell me your name, what ever you want.
    If you don't have a GameFAQs account, then get one now! Trust me it's
    really worth it! Please don't cheat, telling me a time you didn't get,
    because if you do, you know you didn't get that time, and other people
    might know you didn't get that time too.

    Want to rate My FAQ?
    If you feel that this FAQ/Walkthrough has really helped you and you feel
    like you want to repay me, please, all I ask is for you to give my FAQ a
    good rating. I am not forcing you though, it's your decision.

    1. UPDATES
    2. FAQS

    7. ENEMIES
    8. WEAPONS
    13. RANKING
    16. MEMOS

    SUB SCENARIO - BORN FROM A WISH (Greatest Hits Version Only)
    19. ENEMIES
    20. WEAPONS
    21. CONTROLS
    24. RANKING
    27. MEMOS


    30. CREDITS

    1. UPDATES
    Most Recent Updates:

    HUGE update. Biggest one yet. Made and completed 2 new sections which are
    general tips and diffucultu settings. Many update on both walkthrough,
    including new boss strategies for Pyramid Head and Eddie along with
    dificulties for each boss. Added many more cool and scary things to the
    sections and other updates throughout the whole FAQ. Expect to see more
    updates on the characters section soon.

    Many updates made in the walkthrough section including the Extra Hard
    Riddle Mode solutions, the Roach Trap and the layout for bosses and puzzles.

    Completed the Sub Scenario memos section and one minor update in the
    credits section.

    Updates throughout the walkthrough, added the memo sections for both
    scenarios and added another cool and scary thing to the section.

    Added the sites where my FAQ is posted with my permission near the top,
    updates on the faqs section and one minor updates in the Main Scenario
    speed walkthrough.

    2. FAQS
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this game like Resident Evil?
    A: Some may say, but it is VERY different and is amazing in its own way.

    Q: How many version are there of Silent Hill 2?
    A: 5. For PS2: Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 2 (Greatest Hits) , Silent Hill
    2: Restless Dreams (JPN), Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut, and for Xbox:
    Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams.

    Q: How many endings are in this game?
    A: In the original version there are 5. But in the Greatest Hits version
    there are 6, along with a new scenario where the ending is always the

    Q: Would you recomend me to buy this game?
    A: Yes, this game can be for many gamers. To tell the truth, I wasn't
    really interested in games like this even close to how I like them now.
    I just bought Silent Hill 2 because it was scary. But I realized many
    more reasons why this game is good. See my review for more details.

    Q: If I have Silent Hill for PlayStation, should I buy this one?
    A: If you enjoyed it, yes, definitely. But if you didn't really like it
    then I suggest you at least rent it.

    Q: About how long do you think it would take for me to beat this game?
    A: It actually took me over 8 hours to beat Silent Hill 2. But I
    explore a lot. It should take you at least 4 hours your first time,
    that is if you're really good in these games. Around 6 hours is
    probably average.

    Q: I am convinced to buy this game now, what version should I get.
    A: If you live in North America, get Greatist Hits, in Europe get
    Director's Cut, in Japan get Restless Dreams. For Xbox, get the only
    version which is Restless Dreams.

    FAQ/Walkthrough Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What do you mean by "examine"?
    A: Go up to whatever is mentioned and press X

    Q: I can't find a certain item, where can I find it?
    A: Check the Weapon/Item/Map List, although every item location and where
    you use the item is described in the walkthrough section

    Q: I can't solve a certain puzzle, can you help me?
    A: Every puzzle is decribed in detail in the walkthroguh but if you are
    really having trouble, just e-mail me.

    Q: I need to find a place to save but I can't find one, where is one?
    A: Check the Save Point Locations section

    Q: Do you ever describe where ammo is in this FAQ?
    A: In puzzles, yes. But no where else unless I say "If you need ammo, go

    Q: I have the GH Version, how do I load my data from the original version?
    A: Your data is reconized but you cannot load you file if you were in the
    middle of a game. You won't need to load your game so just start a new
    game and save like you normally would. After you beat the game once
    though, load your game and go to New Game to do it safe.

    In the future there may be for FAQs. If you have a question, just e-mail
    me and I will glady answer it. I will probably put it up here and answer
    it too.

    Main Screen
    Beginning Video
    Is there a beginnign video in this game? Yes, but it takes time for it to
    come up, around a minute. It is always the same so it won't change when
    you beat the game. there are a few scenes which are not in the game
    because they were taken out.

    New Game
    Starting a New Game isn't like continuing from the file you beat the game
    in. If you start a new game without loading your game it will be
    overwritten when you save. Try to avoid this a load your game whenever
    you want to play again. But if you want to just play a new game you can
    use this. And your first time through Silent Hill 2 you will have to start
    a New Game.

    This option will only work when you have a game saved on your Memory Card.
    If not you won't be able to use it because there is nothing to continue
    from. When you use the Continue option you will start from where you last
    saved. It loads very fast which is a good thing. This loads the most
    recent save from your memory so in order to load another game you will
    need to use the Load option to load the other file. Once you beat Silent
    Hill 2 you can use the Continue option to load your stats and then start
    another game safely.

    You you load you game it is just like continue, only you see the load
    screen and get to use which file you want to load. So if you want to load
    a different file that was saved most recent, you will have to use the Load
    option to load the game. This option can also be used for loading games
    the not most recent files that are compelted. But if the most recent file
    has the game cleared you can just use Continue to load it faster.

    Yes, it is called Option but they do mean Options. In the Options menu you
    can change things like the control style, walk/run control etc. Check out
    the Controls section for more info.

    Loading and Saving Your Game
    After you beat a game of Silent Hill 2 you will see a ranking screen with
    all of your stats from the game you just played. When you load your game
    after you saved the Clear Data it will go to that same ranking screen.
    Press X and then go to New Game and select the Action and Riddle Mode
    (Only Action Mode in Sub Scenario). It is important to do this because
    if you just turn on Silent Hill 2 after you beat the game already and just
    start a new game it is not the same file and when you save it will
    overwrite your other date, if saved on the same file. So that game will be
    lost which is not good. But you can save it on a different file if you
    wish, but I recommend getting all the endings on one save file. If you
    wish, you can make an alternate save just incase you think you won't beat
    some part, if you want to do a certain thing at that part whenever you
    want or more things like that. Even right after you beat the game and you
    want to play again you still have to load your game and then make a new
    game. This happens to many people very often and might happen to you. But
    as long as you listen to the above instructions you'll be fine.

    Save/Load Screen
    When you save or load your game there is your file (if you have one) and
    spots for other possible saves. This is only one part of the Save/Load
    screen. You can use the D=Pad to go left or right and see your total time
    for a file or which endings you have. Below is what each letter means:
    (No particular order for this list)
    W - In Water
    L - Leave
    M - Maria
    R - Rebirth
    D - Dog
    U - UFO*
    X - Sub Scenario*

    * - Greatest Hits Version Only

    Game Basics
    Don't let sounds scare you
    The camera angles in Silent Hill 2 may be annoying to some people but I
    don't find them at all. But most of the time you can change the camera
    angle so it is behind your character like in buildings and sometimes on
    the street. But in some angles it will just go a little bit father than
    you're current angle and somtimes you won't be able to see your character
    but you can just let go of the button. To reposition the camera angle
    like mentioned above press and hold L2. In buildings it will stay behind
    your character when you hold it for a little but but to see further on the
    streets you will need to hold L2 to keep the view. You can also free-look
    whenever you want. Hold L2 and move the Right Analog Stick to the
    direction you want to look at. In large area you character's head will
    just move but it can look cool. But it usually shows you the direction
    that you hold.

    Static and Sudden Noises
    Yeah, sure they're scary but you don't need to turn around on the long
    beginning pathway. Sounds of somewhat similar to a dog's bark will be
    heard and may scare you. Other sounds like sudden noises are just to
    make you feel scared. You have the Radio for a reason, so when it's on,
    there is only a monster near you when you hear the staic from the Radio.
    But You cannot hear the static when Doormen and near you unless the are
    very close to you. But if you hear a sudden crash and the Radio is on,
    don't worry about it. The Radio doesn't appear to work in Boss Fights
    but you don't really need it, it would probably just annoy you and you
    already know the enemy is there. So when you hear a sound don't always
    think it's an enemy and keep your Radio on.

    Sounds and Subtitles
    As you will notice when you watch videos in Silent Hill 2, there is a lot
    of sounds and character lines. Subtitles will capture everything said
    and will capture what James is thinking and some points. He doesn't talk
    out loud always because he is usually alone but he does sometimes.

    Using the Map
    Yes, you have a map in this game. It should be your best friend. It guides
    you on your journey in Silent Hill. You will get several maps, usually
    when you enter a building. For one area, James draws his own map, since
    there obviously wouldn't be one hanging around in that area. Your map is
    VERY useful. If you are using the FAQ to guide you through Silent Hill 2
    then you will need to use the map to figure out where to go in most areas.
    But don't worry, I describe every location for all the maps and there's
    even a Weapon/Item/Map List in this FAQ, so check out that if you can't
    find a map. In dark areas, you will only be able to view your map with
    your Flashlight turned on or light spots in dark areas. To view your map
    just simply press the Triangle Button. You can also go to Map in the Menu
    but why do that when you can just press Triangle? To be honest, I use my
    maps a lot. I know how to beat the game without this guide or the Strategy
    Guide but I still find the maps very useful and you should too. Without
    a map for some areas you can be completely lost so use it wisely.

    Using the Radio and Flashlight
    In Silent Hill 2 you will receive a Radio and a Flashlight whether you
    like it or not; you have to get them. But why wouldn't you want them? They
    are both very excellent devices and can't be turned on or off. You first
    find the Radio and it appears to be broken, with a strange message on it
    when you get it. But as you find enemies you will notice that it will
    create static. This is simply to alert the player that there's an enemy
    nearby. The monsters cannot hear this so it is pointless to turn it off.
    The Radio is actually very helpful because some enemies can be right in
    front of you and you can't hear them, and the camera isn't always on them
    so keep the Radio on. You find the Flashlight after the Radio but it is
    very useful, too. You don't need it right away because you are outside
    and it's light at the time. You will need to use it in dark areas for a
    few reasons: You won't be able to view your map unless you find a light
    spot, you can't unlock doors with keys because it just says they're locked
    and James can't find the keyhole anyway, You can't use other object from
    the menu because it says it can't be used here and you wont be able to pick
    up items unless they are in light spots. So be smart and keeo your
    Flashlight on most of the time. Aparently you can turn your Flashlight off
    and just simply walk by enemies but I have tried this and it doesn't seem
    to work. If it has worked for you, e-mail me and tell me what you did. You
    can toggle your Flashlight on and off with the Circle Button. Keeping it
    on in the day light is pointless but it doesn't waste the battery, so if
    you keep it on it's fine.

    You may not think so but these can be useful. Especially for certain
    puzzles. Memos are gathered after viewing notes that you find; not all
    notes are memos for some reason, though. But in the Memo Section of this
    FAQ you will find even some that don't count as Memos.

    Yeah, you may not feel so tough running away but the monsters in Silent
    Hill 2 are worth running away from. Especially, on the streets, try not to
    waste your time killing demons because it is pretty pointless, unless you
    are going for a better Ranking. Running away from demons doesn't make you
    a wussie. It is actually quite smart to do this. But if you are trapped
    you can't really run so just deal with the enemies.

    Ammo Conservation
    A very important thing, very important. You don't want to go around Rambo
    style shooting everywhere; you will run out of ammo very quickly. Shooting
    an enemy on the ground can be pointless on Normal and Hard Action Mode
    because they have a lot of health. And remember, shooting an enemy just
    makes it prone so James can kick it, always remember to kick enemies to
    finsih them off. But on easier Action Modes it can be easier to kill
    enemies enemies with guns.

    Melee Weapons
    You have them for a reason. For ammo conservation. When you're running low
    on ammo or don't even have a gun you should use a melee weapon. There is
    a few of them. There is Wooden Plank, Steel Pipe and Great Knife. Best
    overall would be Steel Pipe, but Wooden Plank is the easiest one to use
    and the Great Knife is the most powerful weapon in the game, although it
    lacks in speed.

    Soft Reset
    What is Soft Reset? Well, it is a function so that once you're in the game
    you don't have reset the console to get back to the Main Menu. For many
    other games you actually do have to reset the console. Once you're in the
    game just hold Start+Select+L1+R1+L2+R2 and you will be transported to the
    Main Menu. You might be wondering, why so many buttons? Well, would you
    want it to go back to the main menu when you pressed a few certain buttons
    when you were doing good or hadn't saved in awhile? I'm sure you'd feel
    frustrated so instead of only a few buttons there's 6, which is just
    enough; I don't think every single button would be good.

    Combat Strategies
    Suggested Weapons
    Patient Demons
    These enemies are easy to find and easy to kill. When you encounter one
    on the streets, just simply run by it. Inside buildings the best weapons
    would be the Wooden Plank and the Handgun. If low on ammo use the Wooden
    Plank but if you're fine the handgun would be the best weapon. One would
    think that the Shotgun is good on Patient Demons but it isn't really.
    If you are at medium range it takes about the same amount of shots. And
    the Shotgun takes longer to ready your aim and the firing rate is too
    slow. The Handgun is the best way to deal with patient Demons.

    In the Sub Scenario the easiest and best way to deal with Patient Demons
    is to use to the Revolver. On the streets, there isn't much of a point to
    but it can be fun to use the Chinese Cleaver.

    Giant Roaches
    Roaches aren't much of a threat but they can really annoy you and lower
    your health to red. You want to try to make James step on it with his heel.
    If you can't seem to this this and the Roach is really annoying you, you
    should only use the Handgun, 1 shot. Shotgun is just ridiculous, although
    I don't think they're anywhere when you have the Shotgun, except for the
    Roach Trap.

    In the Sub Scenario, try to make Maria step on the Roach with her heel but
    if you have trouble just shoot one Revolver shot at it to take care of it.

    The enemies won't cause much harm at all if you know what you're doing.
    The appear to be on stanby when you aren't close to them but the start up
    when you move closer. You can just use the Handgun wil ease, but you can
    also you use Wooden Plank or the Steel Pipe and it can be pretty easy. But
    if you're gonna try to use the Great Knife on one, I suggest you use the
    Hyper Spray first.

    In the Sub Scenario with Maria just use the Revolver with ease or use the
    Chinese Cleaver to show it who's boss.

    Nurse Demons
    Nurse Demons are slightly more strong than Patient Demons. It is best to
    only use the Handgun. Probably the best and only weapon to kill Nurses.
    They carry Steel Pipe so watch out and keep your distance.

    There is no real point in killing Underhangers. You only encounter under
    10 and you can dodge them very easily. Just run by them on the opposite
    side of them if you can. But if you really feel like killing them use the
    Shotgun. It should only take a few shots and since you can't kick the
    demon it will just die and fall off the gated floor.

    You only encounter 4 of these demons and a Boss version of one. The one
    and only suggested weapon is the Shotgun. Usually 2 shots and it will fall
    to the ground. You won't always have to kick them once they're prone
    unless you're on higher difficulties. For the Boss Doorman, use the
    Shotgun and fire only 2 shots each time and it will fall to the ground.
    Try to run to the other side of the rom before it gets up and do the same
    It only takes about 6 shots to kill the monster, so it isn't that hard.
    Never use the Rifle on Dooren, it takes way to long to ready your aim,
    firing rate is too slow and it inflicts just about the same power at the
    Shotgun at close range. The Handgun is too weak though, so just stick with
    the Shotgun.

    Pyramid Head
    Once word, run. Whenever you encounter this "red pyramid thing" you should
    always either run the opposite direction or run past it if you can. But
    when you encounter Pyramid Head in a Boss situation use the Handgun for
    the first battle. Or you can just not shoot it at all and just run back
    and fourth to each side. I think it does take longer to do this but you
    save a lot of bullets. For the Pyramid Head Duo use the Hunting Rifle
    because of its power and the PH's don't move to fast. Try to fire around
    1-3 shots but near the end they go slower and you can try to take off 4
    shots. You can also use the Handgun and fire a lot more shots but its
    power is way weaker and it could take a lot longer. Just stick with the
    Hunting Rifle.

    Kicking Enemies
    When you use a weapon on a demon it just makes it prone so James can kick
    it. Or Maria in the Sub Scenario. So after the enemy falls to the ground
    you will have to go up to the demon and kick it to finsih it off. This is
    why the static doesn't stop once the demon is on the ground, because it
    isn't dead yet. Sometimes the demon may already be dead, so you won't
    have to kick it. But if the Radio's static stops it is ok.

    Pushing Enemies
    Yes, you can actually push enemies. In 2 instances near the end of the
    game you have to do this but I won't spoil it for you. To push an enemy
    just simply run at it and yout character will be running on the spot, in
    front of the enemy but it will slowy be forced to move and you can get by.
    You don't have to do this anywhere else but if an enemy is blocking your
    way and you don't feel like killing it just push it out of the way. I
    don't think it's possible to push Doormen but I am not sure of it. I
    wouldn't try it anyway, it's a risk of being attacked. This will work best
    on Mannequins because of their standby function but it can still work well
    with Patient Demons and Nurse Demons. There is too much risk with Dormen
    and I am sure that you can't push Pyramid Head, who would try it anyway?

    Yeah, you've gone and done it, the monsters are now surrounding you, how
    qill you get out? Well, some rooms you can be ambushed by 2 enemies right
    after you enter a room. Your character is vulnerable while the screen
    is black, going back to the game. So when you access the menu you enter
    and room you will not be able to see you character for a breif amount of
    time but you can still move. Anyway, when you're surrounded by enemies,
    the best way to go is the Shotgun. It shoots fast enough and is very
    powerful at close range. The Handgun is too weak and the Rifle takes way
    to long. But you can actually try pushing your way through the enemies
    (see Pushing Enemies above) but you risk being attacked. So try to push
    your way through if you want and if you can't, use the Shotgun.

    Fighting Multiple Enemies
    This is not when you're surrounded but simpy when you have 2 or more
    enemies in your sights and are coming for you. The Handgun is the best
    gun to use on the 3 basic enemies (Patient Demon, Mannequin, Nurse Demon)
    so use it the most. When you targets aren't really close to you then the
    Handgun is really good. At close range try to SHotgun, that is if they're
    very close. If they are really far away and you have enough ammo for it
    then try to use the Hunting Rifle. Make sure you don't use it on Doormen
    though, it's horrible. With Doormen, they only come in groups of 2
    (besides the boss) but the Shotgun is still the best and only suggested
    weapon for them. FOr the Hangers Boss use the Shotgun also, the Handgun is
    too weak for the beginning. But to conserve ammo use the Handgun for the
    last Hanger if you want. For the Doorman and Eddie, Shotgun is also the
    best but use the Great Knife at the beginning of the Eddie fight to make
    him run to the next room. In this room use the Shotgun until he starts
    going behind the meat racks. Then use the Handgun, which makes it much
    easier to hit Eddie. For the last boss you should only use the Hunting
    Rifle, unless you run out of ammo, but you shouldn't.

    Reloading can be a big problem in some fights. Especially in Boss Fights
    and with multiple enemies. But there is an easier way so that your
    character will not have to reload themeslef in the game. Simply go into
    the menu and go to the firearm you're using and put Reload. Now go back
    into the game and continue what you were doing. You don't need to do this
    to beat bosses but it absolutely makes it easier. Try to use every bullet
    before doing this, so count off all the shots in your head. But if you
    have time to reload and you have 1 or 2 bullets left then you might as
    well reload. But if yo have 4 or more you should wait until you have 0.

    Health Items
    On your way through Silent Hill you will find various health items which
    will help you get through the game. Without these you would die probably
    about 90% more, really. On Beginner Action Level you actually don't need
    these at all, though. But on Hard there is probably no way you'd beat the
    game without health items because of a certain part. You can find them
    on the street, in buildings and other places.

    The Health System
    Tis is what colour the little screen in at the top left corner or the
    in-game menu:

    Green - Great
    Normal - Fine
    Normal with little static - Ok
    Normal with lots major static - Pretty Bad
    Slightly Red - Very Bad
    Colourful Red - Terrible!

    Health Drinks
    Health Drinks are the easiest to find. But unlike SH1, they are not very
    powerful, you'll need probably 3 to 6 to get from red to green health with
    them, but they are still good. You find a lot of them in Silent Hill 2 but
    that doesn't mean that they aren't very important. Without them you would
    need to use a full First Aid Kit for a small wound if you wanted full
    health. If you get attacked 1-2 times (depends which enemy), 1 Health Drink
    should be enough. But obvoiusly if you receive more hits you will have to
    use more Health Drinks. But this is where First Aid Kits come in.

    First Aid Kits
    First Aid Kits aren't that hard to find and they are really good. It is
    good to use First Aid Kits and Health Drinks together because you don't
    want to waste a First Aid Kit on something minor. A First Aid Kit can
    heal you to full health after about 5 hits, which is pretty amazing. it
    will take 2-3 to get from red health to green health. Try to not use them
    on minor wounds, instead wait until you have lower health and then use one.
    But it is very safe to just use a Health Drink every or every other time
    you get damaged, although you don't need to.

    Ampoules cover your health for long periods of time. But if you have red
    health and you use an Ampoule, after the time is over you will go back to
    red health, so don't count on being safe with just one Ampoule. But they
    are good if you use multiple Ampoules. However, you don't get a lot of
    Ampoules so don't count on only using them. You should only use an Ampoule
    if you have really low health and saving your health items for bosses or
    you have no other health items. If this should ever happen be very
    cautious, meaning try to stay away from enemies and run right past them on
    the streets and look for health items on the streets.

    Recovering Health
    Once you have been attacked and your health isn't so great then you should
    use a health item. But while you're going to to menu and exiting the menu
    you are vulnerable to enemies around you and you can't see for a very
    brief amount of time so in very important fights you should try a faster
    way. So itstead of going into the menu and using a health item, press R3
    (push in the Right Analog Stick and James will use his stongest health
    item. His first choice is the First Aid Kit, then the Health Drink and
    then the Ampoule when you have nothing else left. You might wonder when
    to know to press R3. Well, if you're using a Dual Shock 2 Controller you
    will be able to feel James' heartbeat from the vibration of the controller.
    You will feel the heartbeat if has pretty bad, bad or terrible health. The
    harder you feel it, the worse condition James is.

    Using Items
    On your journey in Silent Hill you will find many items. A lot of them
    will be keys so get used to finding many keys. Keys are not usually not
    found at very obvious places but they aren't that hard to using. To use a
    key all you will need to do is go up to a door that you have a key for and
    press X to use it and then go through the door. But not all keys are like
    this. The above is for opening doors. For other things like something
    stuck to something and you can use a key, you will have to use it in the
    menu. For locks on certain items you will need to use them in a menu but
    you can save time if there's 2 items (see Combining Items) that are used
    on the same thing. Keys are found the most besides health items (which
    you don't absolutley always need) but not always you will use a key right
    after you get it.

    Other Items
    There are other items that are not keys but can be just as or more
    important than keys. Items like a Lighter for example can't be used by
    just walking up to where you use it, you will have to use it in the menu
    Like keys, other items can be combined and sometimes will ahve to be
    combined, but there is more instances where you combine other items.

    Combining Items
    Combing items can be an easier way to use items so that you don't have to
    go back to the menu and use each of the number of items used on the same
    thing. But in some instances you will have to combine items. So in order
    to combine and use items you must go on one of the items, press X,
    put "Combine", press Traingle go to the next item and repeat this process
    until you have all the items you're going to use combined and press "Use"
    Over one of the already combined items. But not all items acn be combined.
    So if there is a key to a certain room and a key to another room there
    won't even be a "Combine" option for either of them. And some other items
    that can be combined like a ring and a key for example, you won't be able
    to use it because it can't be used, unless there is a keyhole and a spot
    for a ring which there never is in Silent Hill 2.

    Before you play a game of Silent Hill 2 you will need to choose 2 levels
    of difficulty for gameplay and puzzles. They are:

    Action Level
    Enemies die after they receive 1 or 2 hits from your weakest Firearm and
    will fall to the ground and die. You don't have to reload any of your
    Firearms. If you are being held by a monster, James shake himself out of
    the attack automatically. Bosses are very easy and move slow and you can
    easily beat the game without receiving any hits. Enemies don't regenerate.
    This is obviously the easiest Action Level and you shouldn't have any
    problems with it. When you first play Silent Hill 2 this Action Level is
    good to start on. But after that you are just being a menace to the
    monsters since it will be even easier. And for the boat stage you use the
    D-Pad to control the boat which is easy.

    This Action level is very similar to Beginner but when enemies receive 2
    hits they will fall to the ground and you must kick them to finsih them
    off. Bosses are still easy but aren't as easy and are half as much as
    their usual strength. None or few enemies will regenerate. And for the
    boat stage you use the D-Pad to control the boat which is easy.

    For hardcore Silent Hill gamers Normal Action Level is a good way to play
    either the first or second time throguh the game. It is self-explanatory
    because it is called "Normal" and this is how Silent Hill 2 is supposed to
    be played. Enemies will fall to the ground in 3 to 4 shots from your
    weakest Firearm. ou will have to kick enemies after you shoot them to the
    ground, unless you took many shots at the enemy and it is already dead.
    Enemies tend to regenerate sometimes. If you are grabbed by an enemy you
    must use the movement controls and the shoulder buttons to get out of the
    attack. You will always have to reload your weapon yourself. And for the
    boat stage you use the D-Pad to control the boat which is easy.

    This is obviously the hardest difficulty in Silent Hill 2. Enemies will
    take 4 to 5 shots to just fall down and then you will have to kick them.
    Bosses have full strength and speed. Enemies regenerate a lot and if you
    don't kick an enemy after it's ont he ground it will get right back up and
    have very close to full strength! James tends be very clumsy like Harry in
    SH1. He will somewhat trip over himslef when you try to stop or when you
    run into wall and hit the wall, causing you to slow down. But unlike SH1,
    James will always do this if you're running fast and run to a door, trying
    to open it, and then James will James will go through the door. James
    aiming won't be as great as in other modes but it isn't that noticeable.
    And for the boat stage you will have to use both Analog Stick to control
    the boat which can be hard.

    Riddle Level
    All puzzles are fairly easy and you are pretty much told the answer by
    memos. But this is a good way to start your first journey and to know
    what the puzzles are like.

    Moderate puzzles but some can be difficult. Othrs are still pretty easy.
    You aren't told the answer but it is described in a riddle.

    Puzzles are hard to solve and require maybe brief amounts of thinking.
    Other puzzles can be really hard and one is completely random.

    Extra Hard
    Puzzles are very hard and require a lot of thinking. Some will even make
    you guess and frustration is commonly caused by this mode. You will be
    able to play this mode once you beat the game on all 3 Riddle Levels.
    There is no Extra Hard Riddle Level opion but when you go to Hard Riddle
    Level it is the Extra Hard Riddle Level. If you had problems with previous
    puzzles than I don't recommend you play this difficulty yet and instead

    James Sunderland receives a letter from his wife that has been dead for 3
    years. But a dead person can't write a letter, but maybe she's alive.
    Mary's letter has made James come to Silent Hill. But will he find the
    truth, or something else?

    James Sunderland
    James was a proud and loving husband, until his wife, Mary, was stricken
    with a rare and fatal disease. She was very ill, and there was no chance.
    He hasn't been the same since.
    Mary Sheperd-Sunderland
    James' dearly departed wife. She was ill and died 3 years ago. But, James
    received a letter that was from Mary. James has decided to come to Silent
    Hill to find her. But could she still be alive?

    Angela Orosco
    James first meets this woman in the graveyard in East South Vale. She
    seems to be looking for her mother, that she very dearly misses. But
    she hesitates and doesn't answer some of James' questions.

    Eddie Dombrowski
    Eddie seems awfully concerned with exonerating himself for the murders
    that keep croping his wake. He seems like a murderer but denies
    everything. Eddie is no resident of Silent Hill, but why is he in this
    This young little girl seems to have a sharp grudge against James,
    although James has no idea who she is. She somehow knows
    things about James, including him and Mary.

    A strange woman that James meets in Silent Hill. She could be the twin
    sister of Mary, except for a few physical and behavioral characteristics.
    She seems a little strange but. Why is she in Silent Hill?

    7. ENEMIES
    Patient Demons
    Locations: Throughout the whole game
    This is the first demon James encounters. Patient Demons have 2 attacks
    in different stances. When the demon is standing up, it will attack by
    spitting a yellow acid-like spray at James, which stuns him. When the
    demon face down on the ground, the attack will be scrambling towards
    James and hitting him, which inflicts mild damage. When you encounter
    patient demons use the Wooden Plank or Steel Pipe if your ammo is scarce.
    If not, use the Handgun. Knock the demon down to the ground by hitting it
    with a melee weapon or shooting it down with the Handgun, and then finish
    the demon off by kicking it once. If you do not kick the demon when it is
    on the ground, it will get back up and will have nearly full health, so
    make sure you always kick the demon when it is on the ground. This goes
    for all demons, unless they die before you get a chance to kick them, or
    if you can't kick them at all. If you do not want to fight a patient demon
    just run away. If you are in a dark area, you can simply walk right by
    them without them knowing you are there.

    Giant Roaches
    Locations: Throughout the game but usually on the street
    You can hear a roach by listening for a buzzing/cricket like sound. A
    roach has 1 type of attack. It will run towards you and will bite James'
    foot. To deal with a roach, simply run away until it's gone or just run
    at it so that James' heel of his shoe will crush it. But if it is really
    annoying you use the Handgun, 1 shot. If you in an open area, like the
    streets, roaches will try to run away, but if you are in a small area,
    it is very likely that they will try to attack you.

    Loactions: Throughout the whole game
    Mannequins have only one attack. Their attack is at extremely close
    range, so they are pretty easy to get by. Their attack is whacking James
    with one of its arms/legs. This attack is a powerful so stay away from
    mannequins. But do not worry about using a melee weapon on them, but don't
    under-exaggerate them. If you have lots of ammo, use the Handgun to deal
    with them.

    Nurse Demons
    Loactions: Brookhaven and "Nightmare" Hospital and just outside the
    hospital in Dark South Vale
    Nurse Demon's are only in Brookhaven Hospital and on the streets, so you
    don't have to worry much about encountering them. Nurse Demons carry
    steel pipes, very similar to James'. They have one attack. It is whacking
    James with their steel pipe. This inflicts quite a bit of damage. The
    nurses may attack you when you least expect it, so be careful. If there a
    two nurses, in front, and behind each other, there is a very good chance
    that the nurse behind will whack the nurse in the front, just trying to
    hit you if you are near them. To deal with a nurse use the Handgun. But
    if you are extremely low on ammo, use the Steel Pipe.

    Locations: Gate floors - Dark South Vale, The Labyrinth and "Nightmare"
    Underhangers are found under gate floors. Their attack is shooting
    tendrils at your feet with their huge arms, if you are above them. This
    will stun James. When you encounter a lair of Underhangers, Just run
    over them, dodging their attacks, and look for safe spots, where they
    can't attack you. Attempting to kill an underhanger is a waste of time,
    so just run away. But if you want to kill it just for fun, use the

    Loactions: Lake View Hotel (Boss: The Labyrinth)
    The attack range of a Doorman is extreme, so be aware! It's only attack
    is grabbing you a pulling you under its frame this will inflict a lot of
    damage. When you encounter a Doorman, use the Shotgun. After it's on the
    ground, make sure to kick it or might get up and have nearly full health.
    If the Doorman dies before you kick it, you can't kick it. The boss
    Doorman is much stronger than normal doormen, so don't be afraid of them,
    but also make sure to don't let them get to close.

    Pyramid Head
    Loactions: Throughout the whole game
    This bizarre pyramid-headed creature is James' worst nightmare! It's
    invincible! James encounters Pyramid Head many times. In a boss
    situation, beware of Pyramid Head's long-range attack with his Great
    Knife or Lightweight Spear. When you encounter Pyramid Head, and it's not
    a boss situation, just run away since Pyramid Head is invincible.

    8. WEAPONS
    Melee Weapons
    These weapons do not require ammunition. Instead, you have to hit the
    enemy with your melee weapon. If you ever run out of ammunition, or if
    your ammunition is scarce, equip and use a melee weapon.

    Wooden Plank
    The Wooden Plank is the first weapon James acquires. This is a two-by-
    four length of wood with nails at one end. The Wooden Plank is only good
    at extremely close range, but it inflicts a moderate amount of damage, so
    be careful when attacking enemies, and don't worry too much about their
    health. When you find an enemy that you want to defeat with the Wooden
    Plank, hold the R2 button to ready your weapon, walk up to the enemy, and
    press or hold the X button to whack the enemy. You can also attack when
    running. Hold forward and the Square button (with switched walk/run
    control you only have to hold forward), hold R2, run up to the demon,
    and press or hold X. Always try to attack from behind with the plank,
    because of the extremely close range. You can find the Wooden Plank at
    the construction site at the north end of Vachss Road

    Steel Pipe
    A long shaft of bonded steel, which has a greater range than the Wooden
    Plank. To use it, hold R2, walk up to an enemy, and press or hold X. If
    you want to swing the Steel Pipe from side to side, press or hold X
    before you reach the enemy. If you want to crouch and stab the enemy's
    midsection, press or hold X when your are close to an enemy. If you want
    to swing the Pipe in an overhead bashing fashion, press and hold R2 and
    X tightly at the same time. James can find the Steel Pipe at the Texxon
    Gas Station at the northeast corner of Nathan Avenue and Carroll Street
    stuck in the hood of the car.
    Great Knife
    Before James aquires the Great Knife, the demon that James refers to
    "Pyramid Head" wields this enormous knife. The Great Knife is an
    incredibly large and heavy blade with a razor-sharp edge. The Great Knife
    will indeed kill almost anything in one hit, but it is very akward to
    handle and use. James can only drag the Knife across the floor, and slows
    him down alot, since it is very heavy. To use the Great Knife, walk up to
    an enemy holding R2, press or hold X, and James will lift the weapon of
    the weapon of the ground and swing it in a clumsly arc at the face height.
    Enemies have alot of time to deflect your attack, so be careful. James
    can find the Great Knife in the center room of Pyramid Head's Lair.

    Only in a replay game, James can acquire the Chainsaw. It is a little
    hefty and akward to use. Walk up in an enemy holding R2, to start it up,
    and press or hold X to saw back and fourth at head level. Try to attack
    from behind. If you decide to attack from the front, it is wise to use
    the Hyper Spray first. In a replay game, James can find the Chainsaw
    stuck in the pile of logs across from Silent Hill Ranch. Trust Me,
    you'll know where it is.

    Hyper Spray
    James can only find this can of aerosol spray in a replay game. The Hyper
    Spray will immobilize one or multiple enemies for only a brief amount of
    time. However, the noxious fumes are also dangerous to James. It will
    drain his health if you use the Hyper Spray too much. To use the Hyper
    Spray as a weapon, hold R2, walk near an enemy, press or hold X, and the
    enemy should be immobilized briefly. Now take out any other weapon and
    use it to defeat the enemey. James can on find the Hyper Spray in a
    replay game, in the Motorhome on the south side of the intersection of
    Saul Street and Harris.

    Each gun comes loaded with one clip. You will have to collect ammunition
    that is lying around, to keep using the gun. Each gun is different in
    speed and power.

    An automatic pistol that holds 10 shots in each clip. Handgun Bullet pick-
    ups normally contain 10 bullets. To use the Handgun, hold R2 to target an
    enemy near you, and press X to fire a shot. To fire multiple shots, press
    X around every half a second, or hold X until the enemy falls down. James
    finds the Handgun in the red shopping cart in the center of Room 301 3F
    Wood Side Apartments.

    The Shotgun holds 6 shots in each clip. Shotgun Shells pick-ups normally
    contain 6 bullets. To use the Shotgun, walk close to an enemy so you can
    use the Shotgun's wide blast radius, hold R2, and press or hold X. You
    should mostly use the Shotgun for boss battles, but you can also use it
    on normal enemies if you have plenty enough ammunition. James can find
    the Shotgun in a locker in the Women's Locker Room 2F Brookhaven

    Hunting Rifle
    The Hunting Rifle has extremely precise aiming with an extremely long
    range. Rifle Shells pick-ups normally contain 4 bullets. To use the
    Hunting Rifle, hold R2 to target an enemy from a long range distance, and
    press or hold X. You should only use the Hunting Rifle for the last two
    battles of the game. If you don't, it may be very hard to beat the game.
    Only if you know how much ammo you need for the battles, and if you have
    plenty enough ammunition for the Hunting Rifle, you can use it, but keep
    track of your ammunition.

    Control Function
    D-Pad/Left Analog Stick Movement (2D or 3D style), move in Menu/
    Screen cursor
    Right Analog Stick (R3) Press to use health item
    START Open Menu, accept, skip scene
    SELECT Pause game
    X Accept, search, attack, stomp or kick
    Square Run, guard
    Circle Cancel, exit Menu/Puzzle, toggle
    Flashlight ON/OFF
    Triangle Quick Map
    R1 Sidestep right
    L1 Sidestep left
    R2 Ready weapon
    L2 + Right Analog Stick Look in all forward directions
    L2 Position camera behind James

    3D and 2D Control
    The default setting is 3D Control but you may change it in the Options
    Menu if you wish. In 3D Control, in order to move, you will need to make
    the front of James facing the direction you want to travel. In 2D Control
    you can just run whatever way you want to without changing where James is

    Secret Options
    To access this menu you need to go to the Options Menu then press either
    L1 or R1. In this Secret Options Menu you can change different things
    including Noise Filter, which makes the game looky all fuzzy if it is on,
    Walk/Run Control which you can make it so you don't have to hold Square to
    run or if you have to. Others are Weapon Control, Map, Blood Color, and
    View Control. But in order to change the Noise Filter off you need to beat
    the game at least once. You will also receive the ammo multiplying option
    once you beat the game once so you can use normal, x2 or x3 the ammo!

    | Legend |
    | ======== |
    | New Area |
    | ======== |
    | ------ |
    | Puzzle |
    | ------ |
    | +++++++++++++++ |
    | Optional Puzzle |
    | +++++++++++++++ |
    | =--= |
    | Boss |
    | =--= |

    East South Vale
    When you start, a video will play. After it's over, exit the washroom.
    Then another video will play. After it's over, run over to the driver's
    side of James' blue car and take the Map of Silent Hill. Then run west,
    until you see some stoned stairs, and run down them. Now keep on
    following the path until you reach a steel gate. Open it, to enter the
    graveyard. Walk forward until it shows a video. Now, James meets Angela.

    From now and on use your map to know where you go. After the video is
    over, exit through the west gates, and keep on following the path, and it
    will eventually turn into Wiltse Road. When you reach Sanders Street, run
    to Lindsey Street, and head North, until you reach Vachss Road. Run until
    you reach a Construction Site, and enter it. A video will play, and James
    finds a Radio inside. Then he sees a Patient Demon, and he takes a Wooden
    Plank from the barricade structure.

    From now and on, use the Wooden Plank, until further notice, for saving
    ammo. Now, hold R2 and walk up to the demon, and whack it, with the X
    button, until it falls down, and James will confirm that the demon is
    killed. Exit the Construction Site, and run to Martin Street and head
    North, until you see a corpse. Go up to the corpse, and take the Apartment
    Gate Key. Then, run to Katz Street, and head West, until you reach the
    Wood Side Apartments Gate, and enter it. Then, enter the double doors
    right in front of you to enter Wood Side Apartments.

    Wood Side Apartments
    When you enter, turn left and get the Map of the Apt. Building on the
    bulletin board, and then run up to 2F, and run to Room 205. After you
    enter, you will see a Flashlight on a fashion dummy. Get it, and a
    Mannequin will get up, but you don't have to kill it, so exit, and go up
    to 3F.

    Now try to get the key through the bars, and James will try to grab it,
    but then a young little girl comes, kicks the key away, and steps on James'
    hand. Now run to Room 301. After you enter, walk up to the shopping cart
    in the middle of the room, and take the Handgun, exit the room, and run
    back down to 2F.

    Now head East, until you hear a scream. Then head North, and you will see
    a demon glowing red! What is going on here! Enter Room 208, and there is
    someone murdered sitting in a chair. Then go to the shelf and take the Key
    to Room 202. Now, exit the room, and run to Room 202 and use the key.
    Inside Room 202, enter the bedroom, and go up to the hole in the wall,
    with green liquid coming out of it. Examine the hole, to get the Clock
    Key. Exit the room, and run to Room 208 again, and go up to the clock, and
    use the Clock Key on the clock face.

    Clock Puzzle
    Now, turn the clock hands, to 9:10, and you should hear a clank. No
    matter what Riddle Mode you are playing, the answer to this puzzle is
    always 9:10. But the hands will start on different times every time.

    Now, go to the right side of the clock, and push the clock, and a hole
    in the wall is revealed. Go through the hole, and you are now in Room 209.
    Exit the room, and enter the blue door, which is the North stairwell. Go
    up to 3F, and go inside Room 307, and a video will play of a Pyramid Head
    and 2 mannequins.

    After the video is over, get the Courtyard Key in the closet where James
    was hiding. Exit the Room, and head South to the end of the hall and head
    West and get the Fire Escape Key the little girl kicked. Now head East
    down the hall until you reach the end. Enter the Stairway door, on the
    right side of the hall. Go down to the very bottom, and head North on 1F
    through the opened hallway, to the end, and take the Canned Juice, in
    front of Room 107. Go back, and exit through the double doors and run West,
    and enter the other double doors.

    Go up to 2F and go in the laundry room beside the stairway door, where you
    just came from, and go up to the garbage shoot and use the Canned Juice to
    knock out the stuck garbage, in the shoot. Now, go back down to 1F and
    exit the lobby doors, and go to the bottom of the garbage shoot, and take
    the Coin [Old Man]. There is also a memo in the garbage. Study the memo,
    because later you will need to know something in it.

    Go back through the lobby doors and go through the Courtyard Door. Now is
    a good time to equip the Handgun. Now go to the pool, and run to the edge,
    and James will fall in. Go up to the baby carriage, and take the Coin
    [Snake]. Now, use the northwest steps to exit the pool. Now enter the east
    door of the courtyard, and enter Room 101. You should hear someone
    vomiting, so enter the washroom, and a video will play. James now meets

    Exit the room, and go back from where you first came from. Go up to 2F,
    head West to the Fire Escape door, and use the Fire Escape Key, to move
    on to Blue Creek Apartments.

    Blue Creek Apartments
    You are now in a bedroom of Room 203 of Blue Creek Apartments. Go to the
    washroom and examine the toilet, to find a memo in a wallet. Examine the
    memo, and go to the living room of the apartment room, and go up to the

    Safe Combination Puzzle
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    To use the combination, rotate the dial with the D-pad to make it easier,
    until you reach the first number of the memo. Then turn the dial the
    direction it says, until you reach the second number, then turn the dial
    the direction it says, until you reach the third number, and finaly,
    turn the direction it says, until you reach the fourth number, which is
    the last number. If you did it right the safe should open. If you don't
    fully understand how this works, I'll show you. Example: 15>>08<<12>>06.
    Turn the dial any direction until you reach 15, now turn the dial, by
    pressing right, until you reach 8, then turn the dial, by pressing left,
    until you reach 12, and then finally, turn the dial, by pressing right,
    until you reach 6. Now the safe should open.

    If you are still stuck, e-mail me, and tell me your numbers. Make the
    topic: SH2 Safe Combination. On Hard Riddle Mode, you will have some
    roman numerals, which you have to convert, and/or add. X is 10, V is 5,
    VV is 10, XX is 20, XV is 15, and X2 is 12, V5 is 10, and so on. Example:
    XV>>08<>06. Turn the dial any direction until you reach 15, now turn
    the dial, by pressing right, until you reach 8, then turn the dial, by
    pressing left, until you reach 12, and then finaly, turn the dial , by
    pressing right, until you reach 6. The only reason to solve this puzzle is
    because there are 4 boxes of Handgun Bullets inside the safe. But you
    don't have to solve this puzzle, but it is easy, so you can solve it

    On Extra Hard Riddle Mode there will be letters like a, j and more. a would
    be 1 and j would be 10. It is the number of what it is in the alphabet.
    Below is what the letter would be as a number. Once you have all the numbers
    you can solve the puzzle with the above.

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    After you finish the safe combination, you will find 4 boxes of Handgun
    Bullets inside the safe. Exit the room, and go through the stairway door,
    and beside the 2F door, in the stairway is the Map of Blue Creek. Go
    down to 1F, and go inside Room 109. When you're inside go through the
    white door, and a video will play. James meets Angela again, and she
    gives James, her knife. If you ever examine the knife during the game,
    you are more likely to get a certain ending. If you do not examine the
    knife, then you are not more likely to get that certain ending. Read the
    Ending Requirements section of this FAQ to figure out which ending you
    want to get.

    After the video is over, take the Coin [Prisoner] on the nightstand, and
    exit the room. Enter Room 105 and examine the secretarial puzzle desk.

    Old Coin Puzzle
    The solution to this puzzle is different based on which Riddle difficulty
    you chose. When you examine the desk, it will tell you how the puzzle
    works. The solutions to this puzzle on Easy, Normal, and Hard Riddle
    modes are listed below.

    Easy: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, Prisoner
    Normal: Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake
    Hard: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner
    Extra Hard: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner, Empty

    After you've solved the old coin puzzle, take the Lyne House Key, and go
    back up to 2F and use the Lyne House Key and enter Room 209. Inside, walk
    outside to the balcony and run over to Room 208, and get the Apartment
    Stairway Key on the bed, exit the room, and use the Apartment Stairway
    Key on the stairway door, and you will see Pyramid Head inside.

    BOSS 1: Pyramid Head
    Difficulty: Easy
    Immediately raise the Handgun and start firing. To make it more safe,
    count off the shots in your head, and then reload in the menu. Pyramid
    Head wields a mighty blade so heavy that he has to drag it behind him.
    So, that means he will walk pretty slow. Pyramid Head only has two
    attacks. One is lifting up his Great Knife to slay James; the other, he
    grab you by your neck and try to strangle you.

    If you see him stop, that means he lifting up his Great Knife, so that he
    can take a swing at you, so run to the other side and shoot from there
    until he gets to the edge of the screen, and then run to the other side
    and shoot from there. After you've fired about 35 shots in Normal Mode
    (50 in Hard Mode) a siren will go off in the distance, and Pyramid Head
    will head to the stairs. When he's heading to the stairs, don't go near
    him, or he'll turn around, and very quickly slay James. So, let Pyramid
    Head go down the stairs, and the water will drain. Go down the stairs,
    and exit to West South Vale.

    I have recently heard that there is a way so that you don't need to fire
    a single shot. I have not confirmed this myself but I am sure it's true.
    So instead of using precious handgun ammo just try going back and fourth
    from side to side like with the Handgun, but don't fire a shot. I imagine
    it takes longer than with the Handgun but I am not absolutely sure.

    West South Vale
    After you exit the Apartments, head North, and a video will play. James
    sees the little girl again, and she seems to know something about Mary.

    After the video is over, continue going North, and James will finally
    reach Rosewater Park. Keep on heading North, to the waterfront, and head
    West, and a video will play. James meets a strange woman, named Maria,
    whom looks just like Mary. Maria will follow James for the next portion
    of the game. Make sure Maria doesn't get killed, because it will be GAME
    OVER. Even if you shoot Maria once, s

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    Etter du er ferdig med spillet, så kan jeg ikke anbefale deg sterkt nok å lese President Evils plotguide på Du skal få linken her:

    Da jeg var ferdig med SH2 skjønte jeg så og si ingenting av hva jeg hadde spilt. Jeg spilte spillet om og om igjen, og jeg følte bare det forklarte et par av spørsmålene mine. Den plot guiden er sinnsykt bra til å forklare alle de merkelige tingene i SH2, og er den andre halvdelen av SH2 (spillet er den første) som gjør Silent Hill 2 til en komplett opplevelse.

    Jeg hadde det like kjekt når jeg leste plot guiden som jeg hadde da jeg spilte spillet!

    F.eks: Hvorfor er det monstre i byen? Hvor kommer de fra? Temmelig elementært spørsmål. Det svaret president evil kommer opp med ville jeg aldri ha gjettet selv, og det stemmer *veldig* bra, med dét som vises i spillet.

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    Silent Hill 2
    by Conquerer13
    Takk for walktrough. Dessverre har ikke denne noe løsning på mine problemer. Det står bare at jeg skal notere ned nummeret, står ikke hvilke nummer. Dette gjelder alle walktough(ene) jeg har besøkt.

    Etter du er ferdig med spillet, så kan jeg ikke anbefale deg sterkt nok å lese President Evils plotguide på Du skal få linken her:

    Da jeg var ferdig med SH2 skjønte jeg så og si ingenting av hva jeg hadde spilt. Jeg spilte spillet om og om igjen, og jeg følte bare det forklarte et par av spørsmålene mine. Den plot guiden er sinnsykt bra til å forklare alle de merkelige tingene i SH2, og er den andre halvdelen av SH2 (spillet er den første) som gjør Silent Hill 2 til en komplett opplevelse.
    Skal gjøre det så fort jeg blir ferdig. Men det ser ut som jeg ikke kommer videre. :twisted:

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