Brokoble NAD 214

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    Brokoble NAD 214

    Jeg har et eldre NAD 214 effekttrinn som jeg tenkte jeg skulle brokoble for å drive en passiv sub. Problemet mitt er at jeg har rotet bort manualen, og lurer derfor på om noen kan hjelpe meg med en liten "howto".

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    Feb 2005
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    Hentet fra manualen til 218THX:

    7. BRIDGING ON (Mono) / OFF (Stereo).
    This switch “bridges” the two channels together,
    forming a monophonic amplifier with more than double
    the output power. To convert to bridged operation,
    the following procedure should be followed.
    (1) Switch OFF the POWER.
    NOTE: in the bridged mode the loudspeaker’s
    impedance is effectively halved as “seen” by the
    amplifier. An 8-ohm load looks like 4 ohms, a 4-ohm
    load looks like 2 ohms, and a pair of 4-ohm speakers
    operated in parallel will resemble a 1-ohm load.
    Driving paralleled low-impedance speakers to high
    levels will cause the amplifier to overheat and shut
    down, or may cause internal fuses to blow in order to
    protect the amplifier. In bridged mode you must connect
    only ONE loudspeaker whose nominal impedance
    is 8 or higher.
    BI-WIRED LOUDSPEAKERS:If you have a loudspeaker
    which may be bi-wired and you wish to use
    this option in bridged mode, the nominal impedance
    of the loudspeaker (when connected conventionally)
    must be 8 or higher.
    (2) Disconnect any signal cables from the input
    jacks. Decide whether this amplifier will be driving
    the Left or Right speaker. Connect the corresponding
    (left or right) signal cable from your preamplifier to
    one of the L input jacks of this amplifier
    NOTE: In the bridged mode the amplifier is driven
    only through its L (Left) input, even though it may be
    connected to the Right speaker. If another NAD 218
    THX amplifier in bridged mode is used for the second
    stereophonic channel, it also will be driven through its
    L input, regardless of whether it is used to drive the
    Left or Right loudspeaker.
    (3) Disconnect any wires from the SPEAKERS
    terminals. Select the wire from the speaker that will
    be driven by this bridged amplifier. Connect its “positive”
    conductor to the L+ terminal and its “negative”
    conductor to the R+ terminal (i.e. the two red terminals).
    DO NOT connect any wires to the black terminals
    (L- and R-).
    CAUTION: In the bridged mode the speaker wires
    must be “floating” with respect to the circuit ground.
    Do NOT connect the speaker wires to anything that
    shares a common ground between stereo channels
    (such as a speaker switch or an adapter for electrostatic
    headphones), nor to anything which shares a
    common ground with the amplifier’s inputs (such as a
    switching comparator or a distortion analyzer).
    (4) After the preceding conditions have been satisfied,
    move the Bridging switch to ON (MONO).
    Finally turn the Power ON.
    (6) To return the amplifier to normal stereo operation
    at a later date, first turn off the power. Re-set the
    Bridging switch to OFF (STEREO). Restore normal
    Left and Right input connections, and re-connect
    loudspeaker wires to the speaker terminals as
    described above under SPEAKERS.

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    Tusen takk!!

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