Yamaha Announces New AVR Receivers

Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the innovator in home theater and digital audio and video reproduction, today introduced two mid-class 7.1 channel A/V digital home theater receivers, the RX-V2700 and RX-V1700, which provide consumers with an unprecedented number of entertainment options. The RX-V2700 features an Ethernet connection, enabling consumers to access Internet radio stations, music files stored on a PC, and the company’s premier MusicCAST audio system server (MCX-2000). Both models are compatible with the Apple iPod, via an optional docking station (YDS-10), and allow playback of XM Satellite Radio’s standard and XM HD Surround content. Members of the press can see both models at Yamaha’s CEDIA 2006 booth (#342).

With its network connection, the RX-V2700 enables users to enjoy the extensive number of Internet radio stations available, as well as music files stored on a PC, via a superior sounding home entertainment system. The RX-V2700 can also act as a client to Yamaha’s premier MusicCAST system, making it possible to access as many as 40,000 songs (in MP3 format) stored on that system’s MCX-2000 server. Streamed content information from PCs and the MusicCAST system can be displayed on an entertainment system’s monitor, and system operation navigated with a consumer-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

Some notable features over its predeccessor RX-V2600 include:
* 1080p support via HDMI
* YPAO correction down to 31.5Hz vs 63Hz
* iPOD connectivity
* Anchor Bay Technology’s ABT1010 video scaling chip
* 140wpc as opposed to 130wpc on previous model