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Søk på avsforum. Det jeg kan huske var at den hadde problemer med lave impedanser.
Det har jeg også lest, men dette var et problem bare på de første DPR'ene som kom ut.
Enig med deg RCS, H/K er lagt fra feilfrie;-) Noe jeg har erfart med noen av mine tidligere produkter. Synd at feilprosenten er såpass høy, det ødelegger dessverre litt av omdømmet. Når det er sagt så må jeg legge til at min DPR2005 har fungert knirkefritt i snart et år.

Tenkte jeg samtidig kunne legge ved noen positive erfaringer med DPR2005 (hentet fra avsforum):

Ok, just got done comparing the Panny X70, Onkyo 522 and Harman 2005 on my B&W N802 so here's my short review for all the Nautilus B&W owners out there.

It's simply amazing that each one of these receivers sound so completely different! But long story short, the 2005 is the best match for my N802's, the treble was clear but not harsh, bass tight and precise and mids/vocals very natural and dynamic. I wanted to like the X70 considering it's price, but the vocals sounded less dynamic (something was missing) and the treble was very fatiguing, which was odd because I normally don't have sensitive ears. The Onkyo was just ok and sounded similar to an analog amp.
Turbokuo: Welcome to your typical class-d sound: linear distortion is a blessing. I'm running class-D (Hypex UcD) amps now, and couldn't be happier. My N804's sound like I remember them, being tested on Rotel & Classé gear, lots of power, always there for the taking!
After seeing the positive comments for the Panasonic digital receivers we decided to do a comparison with the XR45 versus the DPR 2005. Though the feature set of the XR 45 is significantly less the 2005 such as fewer digital inputs, no DPL 2x, no Logic 7, only 6 amplifiers compared to 7, the XR 45 is also much cheaper in $ as well.

Since I am running 4 Ohms Infinity loudspeakers rated @ 87dB sensitivity I wanted to check a couple of things like How well does the XR45 drive 4 Ohm loudspeakers? How loud will it play before audible distortion sets in? And basically just how good sonically does it really match up. Keep in mind my listening room is rather larger 26' x 21' and step-down to carpeting floor with high catherderal ceilings of 14'.

Well once I got the XR 45 connected I pulled out my trusty Eagles Hell Freezes Over DTS DVD, also I had my RatShack meter handy to check for SPL average levels. It only took 2 tracks (about 10 minutes) to be obvious that the XR45, that I could only get a max SPL of about 93dB before the XR45 heated up and shutdown. The top cover was very, very warm, funny thing is that as the XR45 was getting maxed out for volume it got very treblish and then there was a loud snap through my right front speaker then the XR45 shut down. I was very concerned that I blew out my Infinity loudspeaker, I let the XR45 cool down for about 30 minutes and turned it on again everything seem to play OK. Next I reconnected my DPR 2005 and played the same Eagles DVD again (same 2 tracks) and the audio output of the DPR 2005 was very, very loud and in fact I measured 103dB (about 10dB higher) on the RatShack meter higher than the XR45. Yet the 2005 still sounded very clean, tight bass and crisp highs it didn't have any of the harshness or treblish charteristic like the XR45.

The XR45 is a very good value but it does not have the output power and sonic capability of the 2005. Kinda like comparing a Toyota MR2 against a Lexus SC430 both very good cars in their own right, but in reality in very different cars in terms of performance, comfort and cost. The XR45 should be a solid AVR when driving high sensitivity/impedance loudspeakers like a Klipsch but if the loudspeakers are low sensitivity/impedance one needs more power. Also if the listening room is larger, and the listener wants higher SPL levels more power is required. Also the 2005's user selectable impedance filter system works excellant and seems to help lower impedance loudspeakers simply sound and work better... I ran out of time tonite but during this week I will try to do more comparsions especially for the quality for each AVRs respective Dolby and DTS decoding sound quality...