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    Hva tror dere om dette?

    Dere finner bilder og mere info på eller , søk på medius.

    Medius Multibox is your cd player, dvd player, mp3-player, cd & dvd recorder, tv tuner, digital hard disk recorder, radio, picture viewer, video editing solution, game console and communication centre. All necessary items is run by an "easy-to-use" remote control.
    In case you are about to buy a computer, do not bother. You can use a Medius Multibox as a full speed computer too. Just use the wireless keyboard and mouse which is included in the package.

    Experience to pause live TV with the time shift function. Surf the Internet. Play all your favourite PC games.

    Use it as a stand-alone unit together with a 5.1 loudspeaker system with integrated amplifiers, or
    use it together with your existing stereo or surround sound system, or
    use it together with our high-end amplifiers.
    You have all the possibilities. Just choose the most convenient way for your purpose.

    The Medius Multibox takes care of software updates itself, and is complete with anti-virus protection.

    Additional services are available on Internet; Video on Demand movies, Video conferencing, video telephony, online TV and more. Subscribe to VoIP telephony to call to your friends and family. Call from your Medius to another Medius or computer for free, or call to a normal phone or mobile. Make overseas calls for local fees through ISPs with VoIP gateways in multiple countries.

    Medius Multibox is an efficient computer tuned into a high quality audio and video product, with the very friendly Microsoft Media Center 2005 user interface.

    The difference between Medius C II and C III is mainly the sound quality. C II will deliver a high quality and natural sound, while the C III will deliver a superior high end quality sound, suitable for very demanding occasions.

    Specification is subject to change without further notice.

    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3,0 GHz
    Internal memory: 512 Mb
    Hard disk space: 200 Gb
    Graphic: GeForce 5700LE
    System: Microsoft XP MCE 2005
    Input: Audio line in, mic in, video in, 100/1000 Mb lan
    Output: 7.1 RCA analog out, 2 x balanced XLR, 5.1 surround sound headphone out, coax, optical out, VGA, DVI, S-VHS Wireless
    LAN: Wired and wireless high-speed 54Mbps
    Double layer DVD recorder: Yes
    Timeshift recording: Yes
    Dolby Digital & DTS: Yes
    USB 2: Yes
    Firewire: Yes
    6 in 1 card reader: Yes
    Super quiet: Yes



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    Ser jo meget interessant ut. De har helt klart valgt høyere spesifiserte komponenter enn den gjengse "multimediamaskinen".

    Det er fortsatt litt å gå på dersom den skal brukes til heftig skalering, men det må vel være eneste minus såvidt jeg kan se. Dersom det er en pc, så kan man jo også installere det man vil av programvare dersom man ikke er fornøyd med MCE frontend.

    Enda mere interessant synes jeg forsterkeren bassert på syv ICE power moduler virket! Dette er et produkt jeg ser for meg Snickers-is leverer tilsvarende/bedre om ikke mange månedene???

    Denne posten passer vel bedre under HTPC, ville jeg tro?


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