<<<=== DVD spiller fra LIDL med HDMI utgang til 650kr.
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    DVD spiller fra LIDL med HDMI utgang til 650kr.


    Så dem hadde en DVD spiller tilsalgs på Lidl for 650kr med HDMI utgang.

    SilverCrest 6515/6516

    Test Lidl SilverCrest 6515/6516 HDMI ist online - Forum <- diskusjon om den.

    En liten konklusjon fra Test SilverCrest 6515 / 6516 :: HDTV-PRAXIS ::

    The SilverCrest 6515/6516 extraordinarily positively surprised us and obtained joy in the enterprise. It is a genuine good deal. A Player with excellent video values over all exits, to which unfortunately a manual attitude of the HDMI exit to the all around carefree package is missing. Points HDMI Player dissociate the SilverCrest by higher detail accuracy in the Dild. That is to be recognized however only in STARTING FROM comparison and on very good screens. For its price the SilverCrest 6515/6516 can be only recommended to sensational image quality as excellent offer also near (price-referred) to the purchase. The SilverCrest works thereby expressed well konzeptioniert, usual lack of most budget Player does not show it not in the beginning. Price-similar Player dissociates the Lidl Player very clearly.

    The SilverCrest is only a temporally limited offer, therefore he does not get our purchase recommendation. Whom the Player fits into the personal concept, which we can only guess/advise: Access, one can make nothing wrong!

    Noen som har fått testet denne?

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    Om du sjekker under "DVD/CD-spillere / opptakere" her på forumet så er det en annen tråd om denne spilleren.


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