Live broadcast to your living room – Sharp presents its new Blu-ray player with BD-Live function
How was that spectacular action scene filmed? What does your favourite actor do in his or her free time? The new AQUOS BD-HP22S Blu-ray player from Sharp with integrated BD-Live function puts film fans right in the middle of the scene. The interactive feature lets viewers download bonus material from the Internet in addition to the inserted Blu-ray disc and then view it on their TV set. As well as Internet capability, the new AQUOS set offers crystal-clear images, a huge range of connectivity options, and elegant design.

Interactive added value from the Internet: The new AQUOS
BD-HP22S from Sharp offers film fans the perfect home cinema experience with extras, too. Thanks to its integrated BD-Live function, film trailers, photos taken during filming, or information about the stars can be downloaded from the Internet and then watched on an AQUOS LCD TV as a supplement to the film itself.

Various technical features, low power consumption and the attractive AQUOS design make the BD-HP22S a real eye-catcher and must-have device when it comes to home cinema equipment.
The BD-HP22S doesn’t just play Blu-ray discs, it also plays DVDs and CDs, too . DVDs are upscaled to a resolution of 1080p with Full HD and 1080p/24Hz output guaranteeing excellent image quality. But great sound is just as important as image quality and Sharp’s Blu-ray player also scores highly on this front with features such as Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD.

But that’s not all – as well as the above features, consumers are now focusing more on ensuring that their new electronic equipment is also environmentally compatible. Consuming just 25 Watts in regular use and 0.6 Watts in standby mode, the BD-HP22S meets this requirement and also helps to save customers money in the process. The set is also equipped with a number of connections such as an HDMI 1.3 output, a component and video output, a left/right audio output, and an optical digital audio output. Another added bonus of the new Blu-ray player is its simultaneous HDMI and YUV image output function, meaning that the film can be watched via HDMI connection on an LCD TV in the bedroom and via YUV connection on a projector in the living room at the same time.

The AQUOS Link function is also really practical: viewers can comfortably control their new Blu-ray player with the remote control, as well as any other devices that support the Link function (CEC ).

Also bundled with the Blu-ray player is a remote control with batteries, a detailed user guide, and an AV cable and power cable.