A shining example of a new generation: Sharp presents two LCD TV series with full LED backlight system.

The future of television begins now: the electronics company Sharp is launching two new LCD TV series with LED backlight system. The LC-LE700E and the LC-LE600E series both feature a full LED backlight and provide a brilliant picture quality that is second to none. Tomorrow’s technology is available today from Sharp – the TVs boast a spectacular 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, an even higher level of colour reproduction and constant screen illumination of over 90 per cent. The TVs are available in sizes ranging from 32 to 52 inch.

High contrast images, life-like colours and low electricity consumption – thanks to the latest advanced technology from Sharp, the brilliant television experience of the future is within reach today. The electronics company is now using the white full LED backlight system in its new AQUOS LE700E and LE600E LCD TVs, which achieves even more vivid and life-like colours and a dynamic contrast ratio for enhanced black colours. Apart from the great design of the series and its energy efficiency, Sharp has focussed above all on creating a TV that offers the most important feature looked for in a flat screen today – excellent picture quality.

“The LCD TV market continues to experience positive growth. We expect global sales of 127 million LCD TVs by the end of 2009, corresponding to a growth of 22 per cent year-on-year”, says Hiroshi Sasaoka, CEO Sharp Electronics Europe. “LCD TVs with LED backlight technology already account for a considerable percentage of the 3.67 million televisions sold. The advantages of the new technology speak for themselves and the significantly improved picture quality and increased energy efficiency lead Sharp to say that it is the future of LCD TVs and that there is big potential for it on the European market,” Sasaoka continues.

High technology: LED segments that are *****d behind the LCD screen in the Sharp televisions provide greater brightness and deeper colours than those that are placed on the edges of the screen. The two new AQUOS TV series have been rated as having the “best picture” available. This is not only due to the use of LED backlight technology, but also because both series deliver a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixel as well as 100 Hertz technology within the LE700E series. Additionally, both series use Sharp’s proprietary next-generation Full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD panel with 10-bit processing.

The X-Gen panel also provides a wider aperture to allow more light to pass through the panel, resulting in higher peak brightness. Furthermore, all of Sharp’s LCD TVs have a new panel surface that produces maximum colour and contrast quality with the minimum possible level of light reflections.

Super green: aside from excellent picture quality, Sharp also sets the bar high when it comes to energy efficiency. The combination of Full LED backlight and the next-generation X-Gen Panel delivers the best performance in energy consumption. Compared to conventional LCD TVs on the market today – which use the CCFL backlight system – LED technology has lower electricity consumption , and yet provides more brightness per watt thanks to the new structure of the display’s liquid crystals. Another unique feature is the TV’s eco-control button on the remote control, which allows users to actively change the energy consumption of their TV . Furthermore, an ON/OFF button on the TV itself reduces the electricity consumption to virtually zero in the OFF mode . The televisions are also made using fewer materials, do not contain any lead and are thus highly suitable for recycling. For all this energy saving features Sharp applied for the EU Eco-label at the European Commission.

AQUOS design: the new AQUOS LED LCD TVs have a terrific new design. The innovative casing creates a seamless transition between the screen and the frame, making these two components of the LCD TV nearly one flat surface. Two additional design highlights are the glass stand with the LE700E series and different lower rim frame designs in both models: the colour of the lower part of the TVs from the LE700E series is black with a subtle blue accent and the lower part of the frame of the LE600E series is a brushed aluminium colour. Another eye-catching feature is the blue pyramid-shaped diode located at the centre of the TV frame’s lower edge, which indicates that the LCD TV is from the new AQUOS LED series.

Included in delivery of both LCD TV series are one remote control, one multilingual user handbook as well as one mains cable and one stand.

The LE600E series and the LE700E series will be available in stores in August 2009. The prices of the seven new AQUOS LCD TV models are not final yet.