Pressemelding: LG anounces new Blu-ray player (BD300 with BD Live function)

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    Pressemelding: LG anounces new Blu-ray player (BD300 with BD Live function)

    For best Entertainment: LG Blu-ray player
    BD300 with BD Live function

    The LG BD300 offers a high degree of interactivity and
    convincing picture and sound quality in high definition

    Berlin, 28 August 2008 - With the presentation of the new
    Blu-ray player is LG BD300 technological again
    Momentum in the consumer electronics industry: Users
    the new BD300 can live with the BD function (2.0
    Profile) to access the Internet. This will give them a
    Wealth of information related to the inserted
    Film available such as subtitles,
    Director commentaries, games or entire film sequences, but
    also interactive multi-player games. These Nils Seib,
    Public Relations Manager of LG Electronics Germany
    GmbH: "The international activity by the new BD Live function
    the BD300 provides much more ease of use and
    Fun. LG is thus another sign that we have
    with the first dual-format disc player in the world
    set an industry trend and even with this
    Innovation a clear added value for the
    Users. "

    A genuine all-rounder: versatile, fast and razor

    The BD300 offers improved picture and sound quality:
    The device can 1080p signals as in the cinema with 24 images
    per second over the HDMI 1.3 output play --
    Fernsehvergnügen in a FullHD. Dolby True HD and DTS HD
    support high-bit rate audio, the sound is so bit by
    Bit identical to the original sound. Especially useful:
    the various functions of the Quick Start BD300. Thus,
    For example possible for the first time the disc drawer immediately
    after the device to open. The
    Other startup behavior was extremely shortened --
    so that the BD300 is currently one of the fastest Blu-ray
    Players in this discipline. Another strength of the BD300 is
    his enormous versatility: It can Blu-ray discs, DVDs and
    DivX movies and is compatible with MPEG4 video, JPEG,
    MP3 and WMA file formats. Thanks to the
    SIMPLINK LG technology allows users
    all functions with only one remote control.
    And via the USB port can be external
    Storage media storage capacity of the device throughout
    easily be increased.

    BD300 product features:

    Full HD image quality with a resolution of 1,920 x
    1,080 pixels at 24 fps
    High-resolution playback of sound formats HDMedien
    Dolby True HD and DTS HD
    BD-Live (2.0 profiles) to download and
    Showing of additional content
    Instant Open tray; Booting Quick & Loading
    External HDD playback via USB
    HDMI 1.3 with SIMPLINK
    1080p upscaling
    Playable formats: BD, DVD, CD, DivX, MP3, WMA,
    JPEG, Kodak Picture CD and Fujicolor Photo CD
    Availability: The BD300 is from October 2008
    Price: launch will be announced.

    LG at the IFA 2008: Hall 1.2 and Hall 1.1

    The current digital press kit for the 2008 IFA
    From the 28.08.2008 at Presse-Highlights | LG Germany. There
    you will find press information and pictures.

    About LG Electronics, Inc.

    LG Electronics, Inc. (Korea Stock Exchange: 06657.KS) is one of the
    world's leading companies and technological impetus for donors
    Electronics, information and communications products. The
    World Group currently employs more than 80,000 employees in 81
    Offices around the globe and is the world's largest
    Producer of CDMA mobile phones, air conditioning equipment, optical
    Drives and DVD players. The total turnover of the company
    in fiscal 2007 amounted to approximately 43.8 billion U.S. dollars. Since 2006
    LG Electronics ranked among Business Week and Interbrand
    identified 100 most valuable brands worldwide. For more information about
    LG Electronics Inc., please visit LG Electronics Worldwide.

    About LG Electronics Germany GmbH

    Already since 1976, LG is involved in the German market. Today
    LG Electronics employs Germany GmbH has 260 employees in
    the fields of entertainment electronics, mobile phones, information technology
    and household appliances. The German subsidiary of Global
    Players in 2007 achieved a turnover of 660.3 million euros. Since
    2005, LG Electronics Germany Official Partner of the premium
    German football national team and the German Football
    Confederation. In the year 2006, the LG Corporate Design Center is the highest
    Award of the red dot design awards: "Design Team of the Year 2006".
    For more information, visit LG :: Germany.

    About LG Electronics Consumer Electronics

    LG Electronics Consumer Electronics is a leading manufacturer
    Brown goods with high added value through strong convergent
    Solutions. The product range includes plasma and LCD HDTV, digital
    Video recorders, home theater systems and car audio.

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    I mangel av pressemelding på engelsk, er pressemeldingen oversatt fra tysk ved hjelp av Google translator.

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    Skal denne "overta" for BH200?
    Ser at BD300 ikke har støtte for HD-DVD, og designet er jo kraftig forbedret!
    Så på en nettside at prisen skulle være "well under $500" hva nå enn det vil bli her på bjerget. Noen som vet noe nærmere om pris/utsalg her til lands??

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    Noen som vet om denne også kommer til å kunne gjøres sonefri ganske enkelt på BD?

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    USB port og kobling mot PC


    Jeg oppfatter det slik at spilleren har USB port for tilkobling av ekstern HD og mulighet for nedlasting av innhold fra Internett. Isåfall burde det være mulig å koble en PC rett på USB porten og sende MP3 filer fra PC, gjennom Blue-Ray spilleren og til en forsterker (som ikke har USB). Isåfall er dette en revolusjonerende løsning for å koble sammen PC og forsterker/amplifier. Jeg har selv en Yamaha 861 og savner USB port for å spille MP3 filer. Noen som vet noe mer om dette.

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