Pressemelding: Samsung presents the new BD-P2500 Blu-ray player

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    Pressemelding: Samsung presents the new BD-P2500 Blu-ray player

    Pure pleasure movie: Samsung presented with the new
    BD-P2500 a Blu-ray Disc player in the next generation

    The premium device shines with HQV chip and allows an upgrade to the
    BD-profile 2.0 (BD-Live)

    Berlin / Schwalbach / Ts. 28 August 2008 - With the new Blu-ray disc player
    BD-P2500, Samsung to present the IFA 2008, Samsung proves again
    its technology and innovation leadership in the home theater market. The device is equipped with a chip HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) for outstanding
    Image quality and has the BD-profile 1.1, and BD-Live profile (2.0) can be upgraded. With Samsung Anynet + Functionality can be extended to affiliated ™ HDMI CEC-enabled (Consumer Electronics Control) devices with one remote control.
    Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports provide more connectivity. Besides
    Blu-ray discs, the BD-P2500 also play DVDs and CDs.

    Samsung shows with the new Premium Blu-ray BD-P2500 player, the player
    already the fifth generation, an absolute highlight for cineastes.
    Film fans in Germany can now, from a variety of
    different films in high-resolution Blu-ray format, and thanks
    HQV chip on the new Samsung device in a breathtaking picture quality
    P r e s s e i n f o r m a t i o n
    enjoy. The HQV chip, the heart of the premium player, is an enormously
    high-performance video processor, the Blu-ray films in the best possible quality.
    In addition, the chip also supports the playback of movies on DVD-ROM,
    DVD-R and DVD-RW, DVD-by Upconversion function of the player even
    in high resolution display. Music fans come thanks to compatibility
    CD, CD-R and CD / RW fully on their costs and benefit from the excellent
    Sound quality of the player, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS and DTS
    HD and Dolby TrueHD.

    "With the new BD-P2500 is a premium Samsung Blu-ray players on the
    Market, which is our aspiration is to provide our customers with innovative technology
    coupled with sophisticated design, "says Mike Henkelmann, product
    DAV Marketing Manager at Samsung. "With the new Blu-ray player uses
    Samsung also the increasing demand for full-HD content on the domestic
    Living room and allows pure movie pleasure at the highest level. "

    BD-profile 2.0 - Interactive features open up new perspectives

    The new player is already familiar with the BD-profile 1.1 "BD-ready", and
    supports features like picture-in-picture display (PIP) and the additional
    Showing comments. Through a simple software upgrade allows the
    BD player with the profile 2.0 to full BD-Live Blu-ray player retro*****d
    will. The BD-Live functionality gives the user new, exciting and
    interactive features that are already in many movies on Blu-ray Disc offered
    will. Users can live on the integrated network port trailers,
    Additional information about actors and directors, documentaries, games
    for the film and other interactive applications simply by using the remote control
    from the Internet to download the player and play.

    The perfect combination thanks Anynet +, Ethernet and USB 2.0

    The Samsung BD-P2500 offers a variety of connectivity options
    Maximum degree of connectivity. Equipped with Samsung Anynet + technology (HDMI-CEC), the Blu-ray player comfortably with the TV remote control be served. Change of remote controls are therefore no longer necessary. To always on the cutting edge of technology, the device can be conveniently via Ethernet or USB port update.

    The BD-P2500 is in Germany from September 2008.

    Samsung Electronics in brief:

    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.. with headquarters in Seoul (Korea) is equipped with a consolidated turnover of 103.4
    Billion U.S. dollars in 2007, a worldwide leading manufacturer of semiconductors, telecommunications,
    digital media and digital convergence technology. The company with 134 branches in 62 countries and employs about 150,000 people. Samsung Electronics is divided into four Business units: Digital Media Business, LCD Business, Semiconductor Business and Telecommunication Business. Samsung is a leader in the production of flat-screen TVs, Memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCD displays and is considered one of the world's fastest
    growing brands recognized. For more information, see: SAMSUNG Deutschland - Willkommen im digitalen Zeitalter.

    Samsung Electronics GmbH, headquartered in Schwalbach near Frankfurt was founded in 1982. That
    Company employs about 265 employees, and in 2007 a total turnover
    of around 1.73 billion euros.

    Technical Data Samsung BD-P2500

    Equipment 1080p playback (H.264 / MPEG-2 / VC-1 format)
    Play 24p
    BD-ROM / DVD-ROM / DVD-R / DVD-RW / AVCHD / audio CD
    1080p upscaling DVD
    BD 1.1 profiles, expandable to 2.0 BD-Live
    7.1-channel analog audio output
    Dital Dolby, DTS, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD,
    DTS-HD decoder
    USB port, network connection
    ™ HDMI 1.3 output
    Anynet + (HDMI ™ - CEC)
    Dimensions (WxHxD in cm) 43 x 5.9 x 27.1
    2.9 kg weight
    Accessories User's Guide
    AV cable
    Remote control
    Price (MSRP including 19% VAT) -
    Availability September 2008

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    For et design! Og for noen specs. Dette ser veldig ut som min neste blu-ray spiller, som skal ta over for ps3n min. :-D

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    noen tanker om prisnivået på denne i Norge, og evt prisen på 1500 når 2500 kommer ut..?

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    Ingen priser har blitt nevnt enda, men jeg vil bli veldig overrasket dersom den blir spesielt dyr.

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    I følge selger hos elkjøp var det snakk om 1200 - 1500 opp i pris i fra 1500 spilleren.

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    Er det noen som vet noe om lydformatene DTS HD/DTS HD Master Audio på BD-P2500 vs. BD-P1500? Er det hipp som happ hvilken av de spillerne man kjøper hvis man har forsterker med HDMI og dekoding av disse formatene?

    Har sett litt på spec. på BD-1500 på, og der står det 'ja' på RAW (hva er det?) på disse to formatene.

    Har en Harman Kardon AVR255, og tenker å gå til innkjøp av Blu-Ray (btw, har 7.1-system)

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