Epson brings inspirational quality to full HD home cinema
with the new EH-TW5000 projector

Equipped with Epson’s new D7 panel technology with C²Fine,
the EH-TW5000 provides stunning 3LCD picture quality
with a ground breaking contrast ratio of 75,000:1

29 August, 2008 – Epson today announces the launch of the EH-TW5000, its HD Ready 1080p flagship projector designed to offer the best possible home cinema experience. With outstanding new features and performance levels powered by the latest Epson technologies, this projector is the perfect choice for those looking for the best quality big screen projector for their home cinema installation.

Stéphanie Lugbull, Product Manager for Home Cinema Video Projectors, Epson Europe, says: “The EH-TW5000 is the exceptional choice in home cinema projectors. Its sleek black design and outstanding range of state-of-the-art features will provide the highest quality images in your own home. This projector marks the continued impetus of Epson’s home cinema video projection and confirms our position as number one in the market .”

The EH-TW5000 reproduces outstanding pictures, whatever the content, with full HD resolution at 1080p. Whether viewing movies, sporting events, digital pictures or playing video games, this projector’s range of features and stylish design will ensure this high quality product is the centrepiece of your home cinema experience on the big screen. Whether using this projector with Blu-ray, DVD, HD TV or your set top box, Epson’s own innovative technologies bring an exceptional viewing experience.

Incorporating Epson’s innovative 3LCD technology, the EH-TW5000 provides brighter images, more accurate colour reproduction and finer grey scaling. For the first time ever an amazing contrast ratio of 75,000:1 has been reached thanks to new D7 C²Fine panels, advanced DeepBlack technology and an improved E-TORL lamp to minimise light leakage and ensure jet blacks. Furthermore, Epson’s improved Cinema Filter allows a viewing experience second to none in any light environment.

Stéphanie Lugbull adds: “This state of the art projector boasts some terrific new features. Optical x2.1 zoom and easy horizontal and vertical lens shift make the EH-TW5000 exceptionally convenient and easy to install. A true cinema screen format of 2.35:1 is also a reality with the projector’s anamorphic wide mode, so movies can be enjoyed without black bands at the top and bottom of the screen.”

Thanks to the HQV processor, the EH-TW5000 features 12 bit video processing and 4-4 pull-down, resulting in stunning picture quality and motion flow. The frame interpolation feature also ensures perfectly smooth video playback; blurring is suppressed and motion pictures are much sharper to offer film-like images. Thanks to its ISF certification the EH-TW5000 can be calibrated by your Epson dealer to ensure that performance of the projector is expertly fine-tuned to suit its environment. Colour isolation calibration also becomes possible without the need for optical colour filters.

To complement the release of the EH-TW5000, Epson are also bringing the EH-TW3800 to market. The EH-TW3800 provides a more accessible option of home cinema projector, still with exceptional performance at 2000 lumens and with a contrast ratio of 20,000:1. Stylish and easy to install, the EH-TW3800 is a home-cinema projector that brings a new white and silver design look, new features and new levels of performance to movie, sports, television and gaming enthusiasts alike. Both projectors and lamps come with a three year warranty and like the EH-TW5000, the EH-TW3800 also benefits from ISF certification and Epson’s innovative 3LCD technology.


Epson EH-TW5000 key features summary:

# Home cinema projector ideal for those who desire a premium home cinema experience-Sophisticated and stylish black design
# HD Ready 1080p with true high-definition 1920 x 1080p resolution
# Superior image quality with Epson’s 3LCD technology and C2 Fine inorganic D7 panel
# Amazing contrast ratio of 75,000:1 with Epson DeepBlack technology for jet blacks
# High brightness of 1600 ANSI Lumens - Convenient viewing in any light condition with perfect rendering thanks to the improved Cinema Filter
# HQV video processor to realize clear and sharp motion pictures
# 12bit video processing, frame interpolation and 4-4 pull-down for film-like images
# Flexible placement with horizontal/vertical lens shift and 2.1x optical zoom
# Anamorphic wide mode (to use with third part anamorphic lens)
# Connect to a range of input sources including 2 x HDMI version 1.3, YUV and RGB
# x.v. Colour mode for vivid colour reproduction
# ISF calibration menus for professional calibration
# Included cable cover for stylish and neat ceiling mount installation
# Quiet projection of 22db
# Three year warranty on lamp and projector
# Under €3000 RRP including VAT - Available October 2008

Epson EH-TW3800 key features summary:
# HD ready 1080p with full high definition resolution
# High contrast ratio of 20 000:1
# High light output (2000 lm) for day and night viewing
# Wide connectivity including 2 x HDMI version 1.3 input
# Easy and flexible to install: convenient horizontal and vertical lens shift, ceiling mount possibility, long throw lens and optical zoom x 2.1
# Full 10 bit video processing (Pixelworks scaler)
# ISF certification for professional calibration
# x.v.Colour as standard
# Really quiet: 22 dB fan noise
# New trendy white and silver design
# Included cable cover for stylish and neat ceiling mount installation
# Three warranty on lamp and projector
# Under €2000 RRP including VAT - Available October 2008

For further information, please contact your local Epson representative.
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