Preview of next-generation displays under development by JVC:
LED Backlight LCD TV and 180Hz Driven LCD TV
(Prototype exhibition)

In order to continuously establish new benchmarks in flat panel TV design, JVC is constantly striving for
new developments. At this year’s IFA, JVC is exhibiting two LCD TV prototypes incorporating futureoriented
display technologies, LED Backlight and 180Hz Clear Motion Drive.

 LED Backlight for LCD TV
As a replacement for the CCFL backlight, the LED
backlight offers a number of benefits that match
the characteristics of LCD TVs.
A total of 1,152 RGB-LEDs are used to offer
a 116% wider colour range compared to the NTSC
standard colour range (equivalent to CCFL range),
so to put it briefly, using LED backlighting provides
more vivid colour reproduction. Along with LED
backlighting, the 128-Area Control LCD Driver controls the backlight luminance by decreasing where light
is not necessary to produce truer black and to control gamma for individual pixels to ensure faithful
reproduction. As a result, a panel equipped with LED backlight can achieve a high contrast ratio of
100,000:1. What’s more, usage of LED together with an efficient driver reduces power consumption by
half under average general viewing conditions and achieves slim panel depth of only 74.5mm, the same
as JVC’s Super Slim LCD model LT-42DS9.

 180Hz driven LCD TV

In October 2005, JVC launched an LCD
TV with anti-blurring technology 120Hz
Clear Motion Drive for the NTSC markets.
Over the years, this technology has
continuously been enhanced, resulting in
the 180Hz Clear Motion Drive. Whereas
standard video is displayed at 60fps for
NTSC, this new technology triples driving
speed using JVC’s unique algorithm that
predicts motion and generates two new images and inserts them between adjacent frames to display
rapid motion smoother than anything that was ever possible at 120Hz*.

*For PAL: 50fps, 100Hz Clear Motion Drive will enhance to 150Hz Clear Motion Drive.

High-precision motion prediction/generation algorithm
Peripheral image information is analyzed and motion is predicted with high precision. Two new frames
are thus generated and interpolated, resulting in a 180fps display that realizes even smoother motion as
well as an impression of enhanced definition.

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MPRT: Motion Picture Response Time is an objective, numerical
measure of the speed of response a experienced by the viewer.
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