Pressemelding: New JVC DILA Projectors (DLA-HD750 and DLA-HD350)

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    Pressemelding: New JVC DILA Projectors (DLA-HD750 and DLA-HD350)

    DLA-HD750 and DLA-HD350
    New JVC DILA Projectors Break New Ground in Colour and Sharpness

    “True Black” Premium D-ILA Home Theatre Front Projectors
    with Brighter Images and Deep True Black Levels, Ease of Use and Flexible Adjustment

    JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.), a leading innovator in award wining projection technology, proudly introduces
    new Full High-definition D-ILA Home Theatre Projectors that break new ground in colour accuracy and sharpness,
    ease of use and flexible adjustment. The new JVC projectors give the enthusiast or home user brighter more intense
    images with the choice of the industry’s highest native contrast ratio without auto iris.1
    With the new high end model DLA-HD750 and superbly functional DLA-HD350, JVC expands its True Black ILA
    projector line up, joining the current DLA-HD100 and HD1, introduced In February and November 2007, which broke
    new ground with their signature, industry highest2 native contrast ratios of 15,000:1 or 30,000:1, and earned a
    well-deserved reputation and awards from the front projection community for top performance.
    Complementing these excellent products, the new models also feature enhanced 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA devices
    and optical engine that attain ultra high native contrast ratios for super-smooth images and reference grade deep, true
    black levels without a trace of grey.

    *1 As of 28 August, 2008. DLA-HD750 achieved native contrast ratio 30,000:1 as home theatre projector. (JVC Internal Survey)
    *2 As of November 2006 DLA-HD1 achieved native contrast ratio of 15,000:1 and September, 2007 DLA-HD100 achieved
    native contrast ratio 30,000:1 as home theatre projectors. (JVC Internal Survey)

    The projectors comply with HDMI ver. 1.3 (Deep Colour / CEC) specifications, which provide for billions of colours
    and reproduce subtler shades of grey, and CEC compatibility for system control. Phenomenal depth of picture detail,
    thanks to Full HD 1080p resolution, and sensational native contrast ratios ensure exceptional vividness and accuracy
    of colour, enabling the viewer to enjoy velvety images that promise an absolutely bright and brilliant cinematic
    experience in the comfort of one’s living room and home theatre.

    New Performance Features

    1. Once again, the industry’s highest native contrast ratio of 30,000:1
    JVC’s proprietary 0.7-inch Full HD D-ILA devices and wire-grid optical engine once again deliver the industry’s highest
    native contrast ratio, which means that an auto iris is not being used, of 30,000:1* on the DLA-HD750 model.
    * Native contrast ratio of 15,000:1 for the DLA-HD350.

    2. D-ILA device and engine
    Originally developed by JVC, D-ILA technology employs three (RGB) devices for a naturally
    rich, flicker-free picture even when there is rapid movement in the image. Along with the
    device is optical engine with wire grid polarizers that ensure precise light polarisation without
    light leakage for true black level reproduction. Together, the D-ILA device and engine
    guarantee a smooth picture with vivid colours and high contrast.

    3. High-performance 2x motorised zoom lens

    The new high-performance 2x zoom lens with motorised focus features a large diameter, all-glass lens system with 16
    elements in 17 groups that includes an ED lens to project a full HD image with exceptional depth.

    4. Advanced video processor
    Both projectors incorporate the HQV Reon-VX video processor developed
    by Silicon Optix to ensure excellent image reproduction with precision I/P
    conversion and scaling.

    5. Excellent colour rendition
    The DLA-HD750 features Colour Management that interpolates colours individually by R, G, B,
    C, Y, or M, in three separate axes of colour phase, chroma saturation, and brightness. Up to
    three customised colour settings can be stored for future use.

    6. Customised on-screen gamma control
    Manual adjustment of gamma curve is possible via an on-screen display, allowing the viewer to
    adjust projector luminance levels by either increasing contrast in scenes that are too dark or dimming
    washed-out scenes to ensure precise brightness levels suited to individual preferences. Up to three
    settings can be adjusted and stored for future use.

    7. Flexible set-up
    Setting up is easy too as the ±80% vertical and ±34% horizontal electric lens shift function allows the
    projected picture to be moved horizontally or vertically effortlessly via the remote control. And, when
    positioning the projector outside of the lens shift coverage area, the Digital Keystone Correction
    helps to make distorted images look more natural.

    8. Convenient, Stylish and High performance

    – Remote Screen / Anamorphic lens trigger
    For additional convenience, the external trigger can be used to conveniently raise and lower the screen or
    automatically draw curtains while turning on the projector, or linked to engaging V-Stretch Mode to move an
    optional anamorphic wide screen lens system into place.

    – Auto lens cover
    The automatic slide lens cover that opens and closes with power
    on/off to protect against dust.

    – New design and body colours
    Sporting a stylish yet functional design, the DLA-HD750 is available in pearl black finish and the DLA-HD350
    in either glossy piano-black or glossy white finish.

    – Compatibility with HDMI ver. 1.3 (Deep Colour) and CEC Control
    The projector’s two HDMI inputs comply with version 1.3 specifications, allowing users to take full advantage of the
    higher 225 MHz bandwidth. CEC compatibility aids in system control.
    DLA-HD350 shown

    Preliminary Specifications:
    DLA-HD350 DLA-HD750
    Display device Full HD D-ILA Device
    Panel size 0.7 inch (16:9)
    Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Lens 2 x motorized zoom / focus, F=3.2-4.3, f=21.3-42.6mm
    Lens shift function Motorized ±80% vertical / ±34% horizontal
    Projection size 60-200 inches
    Lamp 200W UHP ultra-high pressure mercury lamp
    Brightness 800 lumens
    Contrast ratio Native 15,000:1 Native 30,000:1
    Terminals Composite x1 (RCA), S-Video x1 (mini DIN),
    Component x1(RCA 3pin) HDMI x2
    (Ver.1.3), RS-232C (D-sub 9 pin)
    Composite x1 (RCA), S-Video x1 (mini DIN),
    Component x1(RCA 3pin), HDMI x2
    (Ver.1.3), RS-232C (D-sub 9 pin), PC x1
    (D-sub 15 pin), Trigger x1 (mini jack)
    Video Input signal 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p 60/50, 1080i 60/50, 1080 24p/ 60p/ 50p
    PC Input signal VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WXGA+, WSXGA, WSXGA+
    365 x 166 x 478 mm
    Specifications are subject to change.

    Typical Projection Distances
    Display size <16ı9> Projection distance
    inch W (mm) H (mm) Wide (m) Tele (m)
    60 1.328 747 1.8 3.7
    100 2,214 1,245 3.1 6.2
    200 4,427 2490 6.1 12.3
    * Projection distances are design specifications, so there is a ±5% variation.

    # # #

    For further information, please contact:
    Ken Tsuji
    Corporate Communications Department
    JVC Europe Ltd.
    T: +44 20 8208 7660
    F: +44 20 8450 9094
    Or contact your local JVC PR representative in your country – more info on Welcome to JVC Europe

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