Watch the future on the first-ever OLED TV to launch in Europe – the XEL-1

Sony is proud to be the first to bring OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV technology to the European market. The XEL-1 embodies all the advantages offered by OLED, which centre around the superlative image quality that the self-illuminating screen can deliver.

Unlike conventional LCD TVs which require a back or side-light illumination system, OLED screens actually emit their own radiance. When a pixel is off it is truly black – there is no faint leakage from the backlight – so the difference between black and pure white (the ‘contrast ratio’) is huge: in the case of the XEL-1 it is over 1,000,000:1. Such a vast range gives almost perfect fidelity, with light and shadow appearing completely natural, colour fantastically rich and detail always distinct.

The 11 inch OLED screen can be viewed from almost any angle without losing definition, and is capable of nearly instant response in a few microseconds, over a 1000 times faster than LCD TVs, so motion reproduction is exceptionally smooth, with almost no image blurring. Working behind the scenes, XEL-1 Fine Motion picture processing ensures that on-screen action looks as good as it possibly can. ‘Super Top Emission’ technology adds the final touch, decreasing reflected ambient light and boosting colour purity.

Another crucial advantage to having no backlight is that the screen can be incredibly thin, which enables a radical approach to the overall design. The XEL-1 fully exploits this, combining a daringly slim 3mm¹ screen with an innovative cantilever support rising from one side of the base. The result is utterly distinctive and an unmistakable statement of luxury high technology.

1 At its slimmest part
2 Where compatible DVB-T/DVB-C services are available
3 With supported operators