Brev til Microsoft europeisk Xbox support

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    Brev til Microsoft europeisk Xbox support

    Kopier gjerne og send du også! Adressen er



    Granted, Europe still clings to its Scart standard with RGB support,
    which is after all an excellent choice for most people. However, some
    of us have taken our interests further and have invested in HDTV
    displays such as plasma screens or projectors. We have also invested
    in DVD-players and other gaming consoles, and are greatly enjoying
    the video output quality possibilities most of these products are
    giving us. Unfortunately, Microsoft has for some reason decided not
    to support progressive scan or HDTV output for its European Xbox
    market. The offical HDTV cable (and the optional one from Monster
    Cable) is near impossible to find in European stores (on-line
    specialized stores seem to be the solution). The cable is supported by
    PAL Xboxes, but will only output interlaced video.

    Seeing as a PAL Xbox via software easily can be modified to support
    progressive scan, also for PAL games (the recent dashboard upgrade for
    NTSC Xboxes made us kind of antsy,) is there any official reason
    why European gamers should not be allowed the same possibility of legally
    displaying progressive material from their Xboxes? The "hardcore" part
    of the consumer market (who provide interest in this matter) is fully
    aware of the capabilities of making the (PAL) Xbox support progressive
    output, however as the operation to enable this will void the guarantee
    of hardware, support, and remove the capability to play on Xbox Live!
    (which, by the way, is a greatly appreciated service for my part,)
    this is a modification that many wisely will hesitate to perform.

    If there would be any chance for European gamers to upgrade their
    Xboxes to legally support progressive mode in the future (via new
    dashboard upgrades) from the Live! service, I am absolutely certain
    that it would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    sendt :lol:
    (har sendt 2 lignende før med nedslående resultat men keep it going!)

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    sendt.... har ikke xbox, men jeg kan da prøve å være litt hjelpsom :wink:

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