Fra Blu-Ray Disc News:

"Quite simply, IFA is the premier consumer electronics (CE) exhibition in the world.
With 1202 companies and organisations scheduled to exhibit in Berlin this
September, IFA provides a fantastic shop window of what is new and exciting in
consumer electronics. Last year more than €2.5 billion worth of orders were placed
by trade participants.
This year, IFA will have the added appeal of being the European launch pad for
Blu-ray Disc. The Blu-ray Disc Association is planning a joint industry stand, which
will be sited alongside the IFA-sponsored HD Home Cinema Resort in Hall 26.
Peter Weber, Manager Marketing Communications at Panasonic Europe is Deputy
Chairman of IFA’s press group. Here, he positions the forthcoming Blu-ray Disc
exhibit in Berlin.
“The timing of IFA could not be better,” commented Peter Weber. “It coincides with
the beginning of the buying season, which this year will see the European roll-out
of Blu-ray Disc hardware from numerous consumer equipment manufacturers. With
over 6900 journalists attending, IFA offers a better press showcase than any other
exhibition in the world.”
So, why should journalists make time to visit the Blu-ray Disc Association stand
(number 201, hall 26)? “The Blu-ray Disc Association exhibit will demonstrate the
wide support Blu-ray Disc enjoys from a diversity of technology companies,”
commented Weber. “It will confirm commitment and product availability to both
retailers and media.
“Blu-ray Disc is here now, and from IFA on, it will revolutionise the TV viewing
experience in Europe,” observed Peter Weber. “Hollywood will bring HD packaged
content, the consumer electronics products are there, home-made HD content can
be recorded and burned to discs with Blu-ray Disc Drives.”
Peter Weber believes that the support of the big movie studios is critical to Blu-ray
Disc’s successful introduction. “As always, hardware is nothing without content,”
explained Weber. “Consumers will go with the option that offers the best possible
video quality – they buy emotions, not technology.
“I believe that we will look back at IFA 2006 as a strategic milestone in Blu-ray
Disc’s evolution,” concluded Peter Weber. “Not only does it represent the
European launch for Blu-ray Disc, it is the first ever consumer electronics show
where market ready products will be showcased. Until now, everything has been
theory, vision and hope – now, it is reality.”"