Morsom test av Kinesisk 400watts forsterker!

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    Talking Morsom test av Kinesisk 400watts forsterker!

    Var på leting etter ny bilforsterker og snublet over denne utrolig gode testen av en Koac V3 forsterker hos TalkAudio.

    Par år gammel test, men for alle oss som IKKE har kjøpt denne på E-bay er det morsom lesing!!

    Talk Audio - Koac V3


    When the KOAC was connected it made a nasty buzzy sound and the transport sounds of the deck were heard clearly as a whiney ‘whoo’ noise. The sound quality was instantly degraded to a soft and ill-defined mush. All impact and definition disappeared. This product does not so much have a noise floor as a noise mezzanine.

    In fact, with no signal running at all, the RTA registered 90.3dB of pure nastiness and no music!

    With the music running and turned up until the ever present distortion was at least not so strong that you could still recognise the tune, the device raised 115.7dB at maximum at the grilles.

    I feel like I have soiled my monitors and insulted both my own ears and the lovely microphone the RTA is equipped with. Upon the moment of relief – switching the thing off – it went “buzzZZZZ SPROINK!”

    Morsom test av Kinesisk 400watts forsterker!-koac-jpg

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    Jan 2007
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    En skikkelig høydare! Må ha!
    2x Devialet Silver Phantom, Devialet Dialog
    SB Touch

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    "* A new flag has been created especially for this product. It is called the

    John Ruskin Award For Utter Uselessness And Total Waste Of Effort And Expenditure"

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