Optical output to 3.5mm converter/adapter

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    Optical output to 3.5mm converter/adapter


    I am sorry, I am not good at Norwegian yet. I have a Mac Pro and purchased a Sony 40W4000 LCD TV yesterday. They both have optical output. I have got a Logitech G51 speaker system, which was made particularly for PCs in mind; 5x 3.5mm jacks go into back panel of PCs. I am currently using it with my Mac's front panel and could utilize stereo only. I cannot use this speaker for 5+1 surround neither with Mac nor with Sony TV. I would like to utilize 5+1 surround with the TV.

    I have been Google'ing for a converter/adapter that can convert optical output to 5x 3.5mm jacks. I guess this is the best place to ask this question. Do you know whether such an equipment exists? Can I find it in Oslo?

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    This cable wont work:-)
    I have never seen the converter of witch you are speaking before.
    If it does exist it probably wont be cheap.
    It would have to be something with inbuilt Dolby/DTS decoder with 5.1 analogue outputs.
    My best advice is to connect the tv with analogue cables 2.0 (no surround) most tv shows are only broad casted in stereo anyway, and dolby prologic/dts neo6 doesn't impress me much.
    If you intend to use it for dvd movies I would look for a DVD player with 5.1 analogue outputs and internal decoding of dts/dolby. Then you could connect the audio system with 3,5mm minijack-->RCA adapters.

    Or simply by a new audio systems witch can perform to your requirements.

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