:-?Hei Everyone,
I really must apologise for writing in English my Norsk is very bad,but if anyone wishes to reply i Norsk I can always try to use my Translator?

My main thread is posted in AV-rom konstruksjon / optimalisering re-bass traps e.t.c.explaining briefly what I intend to do with my music room e.t.c.

Hello everyone...

I received this link a short while ago
As you are in Norway why not try a DAC from another of you own companies Hegel .
I already had a good thread going looking at suitable components for my laptop based system..
But I had forgotton about HEGEL from Norway

and I viewed the HEGEL site, followed all the links to many reviews worldwide and was truly amazed:-D by this usb connected DAC at a good price.

So I thought I would start a specific hegel thread and see if anyone as experience with HEGEL products and what they match them with e.t.c.I have started a couple of HEGEL threads on other forums but Osamede suggested I ask AV Forum Norge for help & advice.

How would the HD2 dac compare to & match with the following:-
the SHORT LIST? as it was before I was reminded of HEGEL & Also Abaramsen:-


CABLES:CHORD/QED or Similar (budget cables)
INTEGRATED-AMP: CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZURE-340 OR 350?(or similar) pity I can not afford HEGEL amp?
SPEAKERS:Q Accoustics 2020i or One of the Mission MX range or Boston Acoustics 26s* or Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 (think there were a few more similar)

*would prefer shelf speakers if possible but stands ok?

HEAD AMP:V-CAN or similar?
AKG K 242 HD /AKG K 272 HD /Sennheiser HD 558 / Sennheiser HD 598 there could be others?

Room size 3mtrs x 2 mtrs x 1.97 mtrs High

Really look forward to hearing from some of you

All the very best Steve