Da har det kommet svar fra Epic Subwoofers......

Thanks for your email. The polyfill in the subwoofers is expanding and
covering the amplifier on some of the subwoofers. We switched to a new
brand (which works excellent!) but it expands more than our previous

Remove the amplifier or one of the drivers from the subwoofer. Remove
the polyfill from the back HALF of the subwoofer that houses the
amplifier. The sub will still perform and measure the same. With the
polyfill gone from around the amp, it will run much cooler.

The amp will still run fine as it is, but this helps. The issue is
case dependent. If the polyfill really expanded near the amp, it has a
harder time cooling down. This pretty much takes care of it.

Please, let us know if you have any other questions or need anything
else. I would be very happy to help!

Thanks again for your email and your interest in Epik Subwoofers.

All the best,

Chad Kuypers
Epik Subwoofers