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Calling all Web Developers. Team MediaPortal NEEDS YOU.

We have a number of projects requiring an online front end. Generally we would like a web application that can help manage configuration files, so that the community's work on these files can flow directly into MediaPortal without needing a developer to add it to the SVN.

1. Web front end allowing community members to login* and edit, add to the configuration files/database.
2. A back end so that MediaPortal clients can directly download the updated files.

Some examples of the information that needs to be managed are:
  • Language string management (like the old MPLE for those who can remember)
  • TV frequency management (no the whole world hasn't gone digital yet)
  • WebEPG grabber file management (some sites do like to make changes)
  • ... more to come

*Intergration with existing login systems is a desire.

A connected plugin/skin repository system would be a bonus. The team believes that development in ASP.NET would allow the most reuse of existing team code and also allow the team to provide help with the backend code. (However, this is not a fixed requirement and we are open to other suggestions)

So can any interested parties post here, PM one of the team, make contact in IRC, raise your hand and jump up and down or generally do something to get our attention

Please no "What a great idea" or "I'm a web developer with X years experience and would love to help, but have no free time" posts. Only apply if you are a Web Developer who is interested in helping and has some spare time to do so.

Team MediaPortal