I have one internal soundcard (Audigy 2), one integrated soundcard on motherboard that has front and rear exits for audio devices. I also have web camera with microphone.

I have various devices connected to the PC. Headset and microfon to front connection of motherboard audio, AV receiver via digital to rear connection of motherboard audio, AV receiver via analog to rear connection of motherboard audio (this is because AV receiver would not send audio to zone 2 when the feed signal is digital....), Creative speaker set via analog Audigy 2 connections, webcamer via USB.

Depending on what I do, I need to change Sound and Audio devices. I have many possible "profiles" :
1. talking Skype with headphones (better audio in quality, but only one user)
2. talking skype with webcamer, and audio out via Creative speakers (many users can hear)
3. Play movie from PC (audio feeded digital to AV Receiver)
4. Play music in Zone 1 (audio same as above)
5. Play music in Zone (analog audio from Audigy feeded to AV receiver)
6. Play audio via Audigy analog out to creative speaker set.
7. .....

Currently I manualy change Sound and Audio devices under Control Panel. This obviously takes time and is "old time kind of way..." .

Would be great to have some sound profiles, that I could change with one click. Or even have a .bat file, where first I would change sound and audio devices and then with second command start media application in the same .bat file .

Do you have an idea on how could I implement this?