Er det mange som har problemer med ehrecvr.exe i dual-tuneroppsett i MCE? Hos meg går denne prosessen løpsk når jeg skal gjøre andre ting, f.esk. se på en annen kanal, mens jeg tar opp et program. Alt blir som sirup. Andre sliter med at alt stopper opp, eller til og med at MCE ikke finner tuneren.

Snappet opp følgende på The Green Button:
We do have a fix for this, but for legal reasons I'm not allowed to give it out to non-NDA people. I tried to see what needs to happen to get individuals on NDA, but since it requires GM-level approval and signature (that is, someone 4-5 levels higher than me) for each one, I was told it was not possible outside the normal beta and partner programs. I sincerely apologize for the delay; since there is a workaround (use one tuner, or rollback), and it wasn't security- or crash-related, the bug does not qualify for a "critical" hotfix, so it will go out with the next QFE release, scheduled for early CY06 Q1 (the date is not public yet). I want to reiterate that the problem is actually caused by the driver, and not by MCE.........

Inntil videre må man altså greie seg med èn tuner dersom man opplever dette problemet....sukk. Det merkelige er at problemet har kommet snikende, det funket fint for en måned siden!