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    Sep 2003
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    Filmtittel bokstavsuppe

    Stokk om eller bytt ut noe bokstaver i en filmtittel og lag noe særdeles tåpelig og useriøst. Som f.eks T3 - Rice of the machines, eller Done in 60 seconds (filmen for deg med tidlig sædavgang)

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    Medlem siden
    Sep 2004
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    Så er det jo den klassiske:
    Saving Ryans Private
    Shaving Ryans Private

    Tror det er mange flere vrier på den

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    Intermediate Rikky sin avatar
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2002
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    Det er jo "en del" pornfilmtitler som er inspirert av virkelige filmer. Om alle disse er virkelige vet jeg ikke.

    Against All Bods
    Airport 69
    A League of Their Moans
    Alice in Pornoland
    All the President's Women
    Ally McSqueal
    All That Jizz
    America's Horniest Home Videos
    American Booty
    American Hair Pie
    Anal-ize This
    Anus and Andy
    A Pussy Called Wanda
    A Shot in the Pants
    A Star is Porn
    The Anus Family
    Anus the Menace
    Apackolips Now
    As Hard As It Gets
    Ass Ventura
    Ate Men Out
    Bachelorette Party
    Ball Street
    The Bare Bitch Project
    The Bare Wench Project
    Battlestar Orgasmica
    Beat the Cock
    Beaver and Buttcheeks
    Beaverly Hills Cop
    The Beaverly Hillbillies
    Beverly Hills 90269
    Beverly Hills Cox
    The Big Sleazy
    The Bitches of Westwick
    Black Booty
    Black to the Future
    Blast from the Pants
    The Blown Ranger
    Bone Voyage
    The Boner Collector
    Bonfire of the Panties
    The Booby Guard
    Brassiere to Eternity
    Bright Lights Big Titties
    Broadcast Nudes
    Buttman and Bobbing
    Caddy Shack-up
    Cape Rear
    Captain Hooker and Peter Porn
    Chinny Chinny Gang Bang
    City of Anals
    A Clockwork Orgy
    Coming Holmes
    Coming on America
    Crocodile Blondie
    Dances with Foxes
    Dangerous Lesions
    Das Booty
    Dawson's Crack
    Debbie Does Deliverance
    Deeper Impacts
    The Deer Humper
    Desperately Seeking Suzie
    Dick, Tracy?
    Dickman and Throbbing
    Dirty Harriet
    Dirty Panting
    Dr. Speckle and Ms. Hyde
    Dr. Strangesex
    Drilling Miss Daisy
    E3: The Extra-Testicle
    Earth Girls Are Sleazy
    Easy Ride Her
    Edward Penishands
    Endless Lust
    Face Jam
    Facial Attraction
    Family Affairs
    Fatal Erection
    Ferris Bueller's Jack Off
    First Times at Cherry High
    A Fist Full of Bimbos
    Fists of Fury
    Flesh Gordon
    The Flintbones
    For Your Thighs Only
    Foreskin Gump
    Forrest Hump
    Four Weddings & a Honeymoon
    Friday the 69
    Frosty the Blowman
    FudgePac Man
    The gAy Team
    Generation Sex
    Generally Horny Hospital
    Genital Hospital
    Gilligan's Bi-Land
    The Girl From S.E.X.
    Girls Just Wanna Have Toys
    Girlz N the Hood
    Glad He Ate Her
    Gonad the Barbarian
    The Good, The Bad, And the Horny
    Good Will Humping
    Great Sexpectations
    Guess Who Came at Dinner
    Hannah and Her Blisters
    Hannah Does Her Sisters
    Herman's Bed
    Hill Street Blacks
    Hill Street Blew
    The Hills Have Thighs
    The Hindlick Maneuver
    Hocus Poke Us
    Honey, I Blew the Kid
    Hot Gun
    The Howard Sperm Show
    The Hunchbutt of Notre Dame
    I Cream of Genie
    I Know Who You Did Last Summer
    I Love Jucy
    In and Out in Beverly Hills
    Independence Nights
    Indiana Bones in the Temple of June
    Inspect Her Gadget
    Intercourse with a Vampire
    Interview with a Vibrator
    It's a Wonderful Sex Life
    Jennifer Ate
    The Joy Suck Club
    Jungle Beaver
    Jurassic Pork
    King Dong
    Kinky Business
    L.A. Raw
    The Last Anal Hero
    Last Action Whore
    Lawrence of a Labia
    Lethal Weapons
    License to Thrill
    Little Shop of Whores
    The Load Warrior
    Looking for Mr. Goodsex
    Lust at First Bite
    The Lust Boat
    The Lust Bug
    Lust in America
    Lust in Space
    Mad Maxine Beyond Thunderbone
    Man On the Poon
    The Man With the Golden Penis
    The Man With Two Penises
    Married With Hormones
    Mary Bobbings
    MC Jammer 2 Hung 2 Tongue
    Men In Back
    Miami Spice
    Mickey Blue Balls
    A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream
    A Miracle on 69th Street
    Mrs. Assfire
    Muffy the Vampire Layer
    Mullholland Balls
    Murphy's Brown
    My Bare Lady
    My Dinner with Andrea
    My Three Sluts
    National Pornographic's Animal Kingdom
    Navy Squeals
    A Nightmare on Dyke Street
    NYDP Blew
    On Golden Blonde
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Breast
    One Lay at a Time
    Ordinary Peepholes
    Passenger 69
    Pee-wee Sperming's Big Adventure
    The Penetrator
    The Pink Lagoon
    Plan 69 from Outer Space
    Pleasure Island
    Poop Dreams
    Porn on the Fourth of July
    Position Impossible
    The Postman Always Comes Twice
    Pulp Friction
    Pushing Tit
    Quantum Deep
    Queer and Pleasant Stranger
    The Queer Hunter
    The Rockford Piles
    The Rocky Porno Video Show
    Romancing the Bone
    Rosemary's Beaver
    Satisfaction Jackson
    Saturday Night Beaver
    Shaving Ryan's Privates
    Schindler's Fist
    Schindler's Lust
    Sex Degrees of Fornication
    The Sex Family Robinson
    The Sex Files
    Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous
    The Sex Sense
    Sex Trek: The Next Penetration
    The Sexorcist
    Shakespeare in Lust
    Shaving Grace
    Sheepless in Montana
    The Sheets of San Francisco
    Silence of the Loins - The Return of Hannibal Lickter
    Single White Nympho
    The 69 Olympics with Mark Spits and Greg Largeanus
    The 69th Sense
    Sleeping with Seattle
    Sleezy Rider
    Sling Babes
    The Slutty Professor
    Snatch Adams
    Some Like it Hard
    The Sperminator
    Sperms of Endearment
    Splendor in the Ass
    Star Whores
    Starship Poopers
    Star Trek: Erection
    Star Trek: The Next Penetration
    Strokedown Palace
    Studsky and Snatch
    Suck Rodgers in the 69th Century
    Summer of 69ing
    Swallow Man
    21 Hump Street
    2069, A Space Orgy
    The T & A Team
    Tales from the Dark Hole
    Tango and Gash
    Terms of Endowment
    The Texas Dildo Massacre
    The Thin Pink Line
    This is Your Sex Life
    Three Men in a Babe
    Threesomes Company
    Throbbin' Hood
    Tits a Wonderful Life
    To Live and Shave in LA
    Top Buns
    Total Reball
    Turn Her and Hootch
    The Colon of Honey
    The Twilight Bone
    Twelve Angry Lesbians
    Twin Cheeks
    Two Lays in the Valley
    Twin Peeks
    Urban Cowgirls
    Valley of the Sluts
    The Wadd Squad
    Waiting to XXX Hale
    Watersports World
    A Wet Dream on Elm Street
    When Harry Ate Sally
    Where the Boy's Aren't
    White Men Can't Hump
    Who Reamed Robin Rabbit?
    Whore of the Worlds
    Willy Wonka and the Hershey Highway
    Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy
    You've Got Male!

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    Intermediate Marantz sin avatar
    Medlem siden
    Sep 2003
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    he he... Ja, pornofolka finner på mye bra. Gikk en film på tv1000 for en stund siden som het "blonde eye for the black guy".

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