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Har snakket en del med han på mail. Og han kom fram til to stk TC1000 15" 8Ohm og en Bash500W eller Keiga 1000W amp. 500 Liter portet eller 200 liter lukka. Hadde vert veldig morro om noen hadde prøvd dette. Eg skulle så gjerne prøvd det. Men økonomien tilsier noe annet

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You could but the most favorable configuration will be a driver on one side and another on the opposite side. (with a crossover of 80hz or lower a driver does not need to face you) Since their cones move in opposite directions from each other they help to cancel out mechanical vibrations transmitted to the enclosure. Sorry I mis-spoke, 200L closed (sealed) enclosure for 2 TC1000 15" drivers. If you wanted to go ported you would need a 500L enclosure. Your sub will outperform 99.9% of what is available anywhere. Tons of Sd and linear xmax, 12" drivers while good just can not top a configuration like this. You will need DVC TC1000, each driver wired in series for an 8 ohm load then the two drivers wired in parallel for a final 4 ohm load at the amp. You should verify everything is wired correctly before connecting to your amp. Driving an impedance less then 4 ohms will damage your amp, it will require repair. If you have a volt-ohm meter you could check the resistance of each driver (should read ~7.3 ohms) and then of them wired together to ensure everything is connected correctly (should read ~3.6 ohms). Once verifying resistance you could verify polarity by touching the driver lead to a 1.5V battery to ensure both cones move in together or out together. You are done, connect to the amp and have some fun!

What did you have in mind for an enclosure, it should be very beefy to maintain maximum bass clarity?

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