High Distinctions of Vu+ UNO

State-of-the art pluggable tuner system supporting DVB-S2 and DVB-C/T
Powerful 400MHz CPU supporting OpenGL 1.0
Enhanced memory size of 512MB ready for any kind of future applications.
Temperature sensor based automatic FAN speed control guaranteeing the stealth operation.
Extremely low deep standby power consumption of under 0.5W
Modeless universal remote control
Unfailing H/W and S/W.
Main Features
• VC-1 Advanced Profile @ Level 3, Simple and Main Profile
• HD/SD H.264/AVC Main and High Profile to Level 4.1 (HD),Level 3.1 (SD)
• HD/SD AVS Jizhun Profile Levels 2.0, 4.0, and 6.0 (720p and 1080i for HDTV)
• VC-1 Advanced Profile @ Level 3, Simple and Main Profile
• HD/SD MPEG-2 Main Profile at Main and High levels
• MPEG still image decode
• HD DivX 3.11/4.11/5.x/6x/Home Theater
• Advanced audio processor supporting the following:
• AAC LC, AAC LC+SBR Level 2, AAC+ Level 2, AAC-HE
• Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus
• MPEG I layers 1, 2, and 3 (MP3)
• Windows Media®and Windows Media Pro audio
• One pair of on-chip stereo high-fidelity audio DACs
• 3D SRS audio support
• One I2S input port and one I2S output port, plus S/PDIF output
• High-performance 2D-effects graphic engine
• Studio-quality text and graphics at HD resolution
• Supports multiple layers and windows
• Digital noise and contour reduction (DNR/DCR)
• Reduces artifacts such as block/mosquito noise
• Picture-in-picture
• Supports simultaneous HD+SD display
• Mosaic Mode
• Supports up to 16 video decode/display for video-rich navigation
• Motion-adaptive deinterlacer with reverse 3:2/2:2 pulldown
• OpenCable™ ready with on-chip MPOD support
• 400-MHz Dual-Core CMT MIPS32®/16e class processor
• 64-bit DDR2 DRAM controller
• Dual SATA-2 interfaces for DVR and DVD applications
• HD analog video encoder with simultaneous SD outputs
• NTSC-M/J, PAL-BDGHIN/M/Nc, SECAM analog outputs
• 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i output formats
• Component RGB/YPrPb HD/HD-DVO outputs
• Macrovision® 7.1/NICAM support
• SCART 1 and 2
• Component, S-Video, and composite via six on-chip V-DACs
• VBI encoders for CC/TTX with NABTS/CGMSA/WSS/ Gemstar®, AMOL I/II standards and dedicated TTX sideband
• RF modulator with BTSC encoder
• ITU-R-656 input and output ports
• HDMI 1.3/DVI 1.0 Mac and PHY with HDCP 1.1
• Broadcom security processor
• AES/1DES/3DES/CSS/CPRM/DTCP copy protection
• MPEG-2/DIRECTV/DVB/ARIB data transport demux with 1DES/3DES/DVB/Multi2/AES descramblers
• V.92-capable soft modem with integrated SiLab Si305x system side device
• Dual USB 2.0 host controller with host transceiver
• Additional host/client USB 2.0 controller/transceiver
• Dual Ethernet MACs with integrated single PHY and MII
• UHF remote control receiver
• Dual SmartCard support

Tenkte det er like greit å lage en tråd for Vu+ Uno Kabel-TV versjonen da sikkert mange går til innkjøp av tuneren, eller har spørsmål og erfaringer å dele.

Underskrevne har noen spørsmål, så kan like gjerne starte.

Takk på forhånd!

1) Hvordan fungerer Vu+ Uno mot Canal Digital kabel-tv?
2) Hvordan er Vu+ Uno kontra Canal Digital sin nye ADB 5720-CDX?
3) Kan man se på én kanal og ta opp på en annen?
4) Finnes det er guide som forteller i enkle steg hva man gjør første gangen man skal installere software på tuneren, og kanskje fortelle litt om de forskjellige versjonene.
5) Hvordan er EPG'n?
6) Fungerer streaming til iPad etc med kabel-TV tuneren?