New Sharp Z12000U 5000:1 CR !!

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    New Sharp Z12000U 5000:1 CR !!

    Thats insane !!!

    William Phelps has commented that to have accurate greyscale tracking on a G90 the best recorded CR he could obtain was around the 9000:1 calibrated...

    The newly annouced Sharp is more thna half way to CRT black levels !!!

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    WOW!!! That's totally immense! ...but... do you know when it's due, Phat? I was *almost* pleased with the 3000:1 contrast of my previous NEC HT-1000, but in some dark scenes, I always could have the wants for more...

    Do you know anything more about this projector? I am one of those guys very sensitive to those darn rainbows, and would very much welcome some improvement in that regards. I believe the new InFocus Screenplay 7205 will have a 7 segment wheel, but will it also be faster? I guess the extra color segment may decrease the "push" on the color "blending", but will it be enough to decrease the rainbows so that I no longer see them? ... Anyhow, really exciting to have you posting here, Phat, it's appreciated!!

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