AE700 og powerstrip

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    AE700 og powerstrip

    I posted this in another thread, but maybe you find it useful regarding to what kind of choises you have in a new updated powerstrip.

    In powerstrip. Tell me what is right to use of these predefined resolutions:

    1. 1280*720p Hdtv standard
    2. 1280*720p DVI/HDCP derived
    3. 1280*720p LCD
    4. 1280*720p SONY GWIII
    5. 1280*720i Hdtv derived (interlaced)
    6. 1280*720p 60 hz (EIA/CEA-861B)
    7. 1280*720p 50 hz (EIA/CEA-861B)

    A lot of choises. The sony resolution looks interesting. If i could get the monitor driver for that one, i will probaly be able to set the resolutin to 1920*1080.

    But what do you guys think?

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    Do not use the 1920*1080 resolution. Even thou the projector support this resolution, it is not the native resolution and the projector will have too scale the image.

    I’m using 1280*720p Hdtv standard, and it works fine on my 1280x720 projector.
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